13 Signs You Are A Follower

by Jeff Cans

Everyone is born with unique talents and the ability to wield them. While each of us is capable of becoming a leader, not all of us can fit into the mold of leadership. This says nothing of the importance of our contributions, but that we bring different skill sets to the endeavor. Within every situation, there is a balance of roles. Followers, like leaders, are needed to maintain this balance. Here are 13 signs that following may be the perfect mold for you.

#1 Controlling Your Emotions Can Be A Struggle

Many leaders have gained control of their emotions. If a situation is not going as they would like, they remain in command of their emotions no matter how strong their feelings may be. Leaders often have a high emotional intelligence and respond to the events with solutions rather than a large and reactive display of emotions.

#2 Your Convictions Are On The Fence

Successful leaders are filled with strong beliefs and convictions. They move head-on where their convictions tell them and are unapologetic in their beliefs. Followers also have convictions but they may not be as strongly held and so can be changed. Due to their strong convictions, leaders sway others to believe with them through persuasive speeches.

#3 You Are Inflexible

man crawling up stairs following leaderLeaders are determined and decisive. They also have the ability to gauge the right times for flexibility and agility. They are well aware that change is the catalyst for greatness and innovation. Followers may stick to the course no matter where it leads.

#4 Risk Is Terrifying

Leaders often jump feet first into possible opportunities, even if the risk is substantial. They do this because a high risk is often accompanied by a high payoff. Followers are more cautious. They often wait to see what will happen and then make a move to join the opportunity. By this time, the leader may have already capitalized on the moment.

#5 You Have Low Self-confidence

Leaders are often self-assured, opinionated, and decisive. They put their faith in their own abilities and vision. Followers often focus on the limits of their abilities and place their faith in the judgment of others. This can inhibit original thought and the gall that often comes with leadership.

#6 Results Are Not That Important To You

Leaders build a plan for their trip to success. They gather the resources needed to build a bridge from where they are to where they want to be. Followers enjoy instructions so they can focus on their piece of the larger picture.

#7 Your Focus Is Distracted Easily

Leaders are very disciplined and focused on completing tasks. Followers can be more easily distracted. They often put things down and continue them later.

#8 You Are Less Communicative

Leaders are both patient listeners and good speakers who gather others and focus on motivating them. Followers often stay in their head and don’t communicate as much, though they can also be skilled speakers.

#9 Your Focus Remains In The Present

blind folded followerVision is a core feature of leaders. They spend their time looking into the future and creating a vision that can be shared with others. Their sheer passion and charisma can convince others of the magnificence of their vision. Followers tend to stay in the now or join the leader’s plan.

#10 You Are Focused On The Mechanics

One quality of a leader is the ability to motivate and inspire others. While you may be equally driven to inspire others, often, you are focused on the practical side of interactions. The natural inclination to inspire others may not be there, but you can learn to do this if you want to become a leader. Many times, elements of leadership or being a follower can exist within the same person, in different situations. Even if you aren’t in charge, it doesn’t mean you aren’t influential.

#11 Your Decisions Can Be Swayed

Decision making is a critical component of leadership. Thinking independently, becoming informed, and sticking to your choices is needed to lead others. Whether you lead an extremely successful company, are doing a water cleanse, or are moving across the state, your final decision must be resolute and backed by action. Followers are often sidetracked from their conclusive decision by the pressures of others or lack in their own conviction.

#12 You Are A Resolute Rule-Follower

Not all rules are meant to be broken, but many are. Leaders tend to encourage change and will break rules if a greater good is possible, while followers adhere to the way things are without question. Leaders tend to possess the courage and conviction to effect change even if there is a great deal of backlash. To transform yourself into a leader, you must nurture your analytic mind so you can discover opportunities for reform and strengthen your ability to handle criticism.

#13 Your Vision Is Unclear

Leaders are future-oriented, which means they are designing their present lives around their future. They often have a very clear image of what they want and who they need to contact to get it. Leaders make long-term goals and look for the niche not filled. Whether this is a business, social change, or a healthier lifestyle, leaders know what needs to be done, and they do it. Followers often live in the present, focusing only on short-term goals. If you want to increase your latent leadership abilities, you should create SMART goals and work on tasks that will create the future you want.

Being a follower is a role that is needed in all aspects of society. Not every kitchen can be filled with chefs as that would make it very difficult to get anything done. Rule-followers are the people how keep the ship from crashing and burning. The skills, suggestions, and passion of followers are needed to build the dreams of the future.

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