3 Hard Facts About Your Penis You Need To Know About

by Jeff Cans

For many men, their penis is their source of pride. It gives them a sense of manhood, an integral part of their masculine identity. But the penis isn’t just a sex organ. And it won’t always be functioning at a hundred percent. Here are 3 fascinating facts about your penis and how you should take better care of your manhood.

#1 You Need to Exercise Your Penis

The penis isn’t a muscle but the erectile tissue within the penis does contain muscle fibers. And just like any muscle in other parts of your body, you need to exercise your penis in order to keep it in shape. Erections help bring oxygen-rich blood to your penile smooth muscles and this helps keep your penile smooth muscles toned.

If you don’t regularly achieve erections, it can cause your penis to shorten. This is a big problem for men who are physically unable to do so because of diabetes or nerve damage as they often suffer from erectile dysfunction and thus can’t exercise their penile muscles.

When penile muscles are not regularly exercised, the tissues inside the penis can lose their elasticity. You can lose one or two centimeters of your precious penile length this way. If you have erectile dysfunction, try using a vacuum pump to force blood to flow to your penis.

Even if you’ve already lost some of your erectile functions, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do anything to prevent your penile muscles from shrinking as well.

#2 There’s No Bone Inside, Yet it Can Get Broken

Inside the penis, you will find a mass of arteries, muscle fibers, and nerves. You won’t find any bones. However, when your penis is erect and it somehow gets twisted violently, your penis can break.

When a penile fracture happens, it means that the covering of the corpora cavernosa or the tubes that get filled with blood during erections have ruptured. When these tubes burst, the blood will flow out of the tubes and into the other regions in the penis. This will cause an extremely painful swelling.

Common causes of penile fractures include aggressive masturbation or physically intense intercourse. Even if you’re too embarrassed to see a doctor about the injury, you should get it treated right away. If left untreated, a penile fracture can lead to more serious permanent damage like erectile dysfunction.

#3 Not Having Nocturnal Penile Tumescence is Not Normal

woman looking surprised at morning erection of manMorning glory, morning wood, nocturnal penile tumescence – they all mean the same thing. Men often wake up with a fully erect penis and that’s normal. In fact, nocturnal penile tumescence happens as frequently as three to five times. What’s not normal is when you don’t wake up with a morning glory anymore.

Nocturnal penile tumescence is often considered an indicator of penile health. It means that your penis is getting a healthy supply of blood and that your penile nerves are working fine.

When problems about penile blood supply and nerve damage start cropping up, usually due to advanced age, that’s when nocturnal penile tumescence starts to happen less frequently. Men with complete erectile dysfunction no longer experience nocturnal penile tumescence.

What You Can Do to Take Better Care of Your Penis


Masturbation, as long as it’s not done excessively, can be healthy for you. Not only does it help you release sexual tension, it can also help you relieve stress. Moreover, masturbation can help you exercise your penis.

Spending some time on self-stimulation can also help you explore your sexual preference. There’s no reason for you to stick to just one routine when masturbating. Try to explore other grips, techniques, and erogenous areas. It’s not just a pleasurable thing to do, you can even end up discovering what kind of sexual stimulation works best for you.


Taking male sex enhancement supplements is one way for you to take better care of your sexual health. If starting to experience erectile problems, male sex enhancement supplements can help improve your penile blood flow and promote faster erections.

man taking supplement before making love to woman in bedHowever, male sex enhancement supplements are not just for those having issues with erectile dysfunction. There are sex enhancement supplements that not only help you achieve erections but also help improve your sperm parameters. If you want to naturally increase your fertility, taking these supplements is a great option.

When choosing which male sex enhancement supplements you should buy, try to check out the ingredients first. Many studies on various sex enhancement supplement ingredients have already identified which botanicals can help with erectile dysfunction and improve sperm parameters.

For instance, Tribulus terrestris is known to have antioxidant properties. Studies have also shown that this medicinal plant can help improve sperm motility and sperm morphology. Moreover, Tribulus terrestris has been found to be effective in improving erectile functions, in both animal and human models.

Taking a male sex enhancement supplement that contains Tongkat Ali is also a good idea. Tongkat Ali is well-known not only for its aphrodisiac and erectogenic properties but also for its adaptogenic effects. This simply means that Tongkat Ali is great for improving your sexual health as well as your mental health.

Other natural ingredients that are also known to help improve erectile function include Butea superba, maca, and horny goat weed. By themselves, these three herbal remedies are known to improve fertility and impotence. When combined in one formulation, they work well together to provide synergistic effects that can effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

Proper Nutrition and Exercise

When it comes to sexual health, nothing works better than eating a healthful diet and engaging in regular physical activities. Increasing your intake of plant-based foods means you will get a lot of antioxidant support. And antioxidants are very important for keeping your sperm cells healthy.

Exercising regularly will benefit not just your heart and blood vessels, it will also be great for your erectile function. Regular exercise is associated with improvements in erectile dysfunction. Moreover, you also get to increase your stamina and endurance – two things that will greatly benefit your bedroom performance.

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