3 Impotence-Causing Diseases You Need To Avoid

by Jeff Cans

            It’s a known fact that erectile dysfunction is closely associated with various medical conditions such as atherosclerosis and hypertension. You can’t totally prevent certain causes of erectile dysfunction like multiple sclerosis, but you can avoid other medical conditions that can quash your erectile capability.

             Diseases of the blood vessels are examples of physiological causes of erectile dysfunction that you can avoid. Here are 3 erectile dysfunction-causing diseases that you can avoid through lifestyle changes.

  1. Cardiovascular Diseases

            Several types of cardiovascular diseases cause damage to the tiny blood vessels that deliver blood to the peripheral parts of your body, such as to your legs and genitals. Alterations in the structure and impairment in the functions of these blood vessels cause a reduced flow of blood to your genitals.

            Sexual dysfunction often results from poor genital area blood flow. In women, a decrease in the flow of blood to the vagina can lead to a reduction in vaginal sensitivity as well as sexual arousal problems. In men, poor penile blood flow accounts for a majority of erectile dysfunction cases.

            Hypertension, atherosclerosis, and peripheral vascular disease are just examples of cardiovascular diseases that can hamper the delivery of blood to your genital area. For instance, peripheral vascular disease can affect your arteries and veins and cause them to narrow, leading to impaired blood flow.

            Moreover, cardiovascular diseases can also contribute to sexual dysfunction by causing muscle weakness, fatigue, chest pains, as well as shortness of breath. In addition, several medications that are prescribed for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases can also have adverse sexual effects such as reduced interest in sex and erectile dysfunction.

3 Impotence-Causing Diseases You Need To Avoid            If you want to avoid developing a cardiovascular disease, certain lifestyle changes may be necessary. For instance, if you smoke, quitting can reduce your risks of cardiovascular diseases.

            Furthermore, tobacco consumption increases your chances of becoming impotent, even if you don’t have any cardiovascular diseases, so quitting can really help you avoid impotence. Increasing your physical activities and improving your diet can also greatly improve your blood flow and help prevent erectile dysfunction.

  1. Diabetes

            Diabetes isn’t just a problem with your blood sugar levels. It’s a disease that can also damage your blood vessels as well as your organs. Similar to cardiovascular diseases that impair your vascular function, diabetes can also lead to a reduced penile blood flow, especially if the small blood vessels in your genitals are affected.

            Diabetic neuropathy is another mechanism by which diabetes causes you to lose your erectile ability. Neuropathy simply means that one or more of your peripheral nerves is diseased or dysfunctional.

            Studies have shown that erectile dysfunction is common in men with peripheral neuropathy. Moreover, diabetic men often suffer from polyneuropathy which is a condition wherein there’s a simultaneous malfunction of several peripheral nerves throughout the body.

            Peripheral nerves can either be sensory, motor, or autonomic. When your peripheral sensory nerves are damaged because of diabetes, it can lead to reduced penile sensations. This can also lead to erectile dysfunction because the nerve damage can prevent you from feeling anything even when you’re being sexually stimulated.

            In addition, before you can achieve an erection, your penile nerves need to send signals so that the smooth muscles in your penis can relax and allow blood to flow in. However, if these nerves are damaged, then those signals may not get sent. Hence, no erection will be triggered.

            If you already have diabetes, you can manage your blood glucose levels so that you can prevent further complications. A well-controlled blood sugar level can help you reduce your risks of diabetic complications such as organ damage and erectile dysfunction.

            If you don’t have diabetes yet, you can reduce your risks of developing diabetes by avoiding foods that can raise your blood sugar levels. Fruits, vegetables, and foods that are rich in fiber can help you manage your weight. Exercising regularly can also help lower your risks for diabetes.

  1. Prostate Cancer

            Although the disease does not directly cause erectile dysfunction, most men with prostate cancer end up having erection problems. Most treatment options for prostate cancer can affect your sexual function and lead to impotence. And if you do end up getting a radical prostatectomy to treat prostate cancer, you can even end up becoming infertile.

            Lower your prostate cancer risks by avoiding certain foods that are associated with a higher risk for the disease. For instance, fatty foods can increase your risks while tomatoes and other lycopene-containing vegetables can lower your risks.

            Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables are great for warding off malignancies like prostate cancer. Keeping yourself healthy by engaging in regular physical activities not only help you manage your weight but also lower your risks of prostate cancer.

3 Impotence-Causing Diseases You Need To Avoid            You may think that your weight doesn’t have anything to do with prostate cancer. However, there’s actually a lot of scientific evidence showing that if you’re overweight or obese, your risks of developing aggressive prostate cancer are actually higher than if your weight is within normal range.

            In addition, exercising regularly can also help improve your blood circulation and reduce your risks for erectile dysfunction. In fact, in men with erectile dysfunction, regular physical activities like aerobic exercises have been found to help improve their erectile function.

Enhancing Your Erectile Function

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