3 Reasons You Have Trouble Sleeping

Sleep is extremely important for rejuvenating the body. It is integral for us to get a good amount of rest as it allows us to repair our muscles and bones, while also allowing us to keep a strong mental state by deleting certain memories, making sense of others, and drawing conclusions through the empirical and synthetic evidence of the previous days and weeks. Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are so busy with many anxious tasks, leading us to often be sleep-deprived. It is very common to hear people complain of tiredness, even at the beginning of the working week.

Due to these daily stressors, not only are people sleeping later and waking up earlier, many people struggle with sleep deprivation problems associated with their bodies. From over-tiredness to restless sleep, to insomnia, the increasing levels of sleep disorders is striking. But what are they saying about why you’re unable to sleep?


preview-full-1427434764406If you find that you just can’t sleep, there may be several reasons for this. The first is alcohol. While it may seem that drinking alcohol helps you to sleep, it actually shortens to REM time, leaving you in the non-REM time for longer. While you eyes are shut, you are not actually sleeping properly, which can cause you to wake frequently, never reaching deep sleep. Secondly, too much caffeine and caffeine at the wrong time of day can be a terrible idea. While it may seem that a late evening coffee will wear off by bedtime, coffee has a 6-hour half-life, meaning it takes around that time for the effects be completely gone. LED screens can be another reason for your insomnia issues. Screens with bright lights affect the brain, making it think it is daytime so it won’t be able to get tired and rest. Make sure to turn screens off earlier in order to give the brain and body-clock a chance to adjust.

Heavy Snoring

Many people take snoring for granted, accepting it as a habit that they do. However, it can be a sign that something is wrong, especially if it wakes you up. Snoring is caused by relaxed tissues partially cutting off the breathing by obstructing the airways and vibrating. While this is not a problem per se, if snoring is waking you up, it is likely cutting off your air supply. This is a condition called sleep apnea, which leaves you very tired as your body never reaches deep sleep. You should avoid sleeping on your back as this block the airways but if the condition continues, speak with a doctor who may consider minor surgery.

Waking up early every day

preview-full-11-4-16-DaylightSavings-SleepProblems-v4-845x321 (1)If you find that you wake up around 4/5 am, no matter what time you eventually went to sleep, you may be suffering from Circadian Rhythm Disorder. Your body has a thing called sleep drive which basically monitors the day’s pattern so that you fall asleep and wake up in a certain pattern. However, people who wake up at the crack of dawn and fall asleep early may have Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder. Nobody is sure what causes it but it can be treated using melatonin and by limiting lights early in the morning.

Sleeping is so important to our overall physical and mental health. If you find that you are acting out in the night, you may want to consider small lifestyle changes or speak to a doctor. For those having trouble sleeping, you may want to utilize a herbal supplement such as Relax (Holy Basil) to help relax the body and ease the mind of anxiety.