6 Shocking Ways to Stay Healthy

by Jeff Cans
healthy man eating salad, yoga studio

        Above all else, the highest priority we should have concerning ourselves on a personal level is our health. If we don’t have that, money and fame suddenly count for very little. Pretty much everyone knows this, and thus follows all the rules of staying healthy. We floss every day, we get our shots, and we try to stay on as healthy a diet as we can for our situation.

        All of these are important to your health, but there are other avenues you may not have considered. Certain activities that you may not have known were keeping you healthy. If you’re a man over 25, you probably want to stay as healthy as possible, so if you haven’t done one of these following health tricks, they may be that new avenue you’ve been looking for.

#1. Social activity

        For the introverted, this may seem a daunting task, but fear not, this doesn’t mean you have to get over your every anxiety and go clubbing or something. Just having one or two good friends who you hang out with on a regular basis can improve your mental and physical health. Humans are social animals, we don’t just want to talk to people; we need to talk to people. Why do you think the cruelest punishments in the world involve isolating someone from their fellow people in some way for long periods of time?

        Interacting with other people can also improve our immune system. Sure, you may get a cold from time to time, but your body adapts, and you’ll be less likely to get sick from the same person in the future.

#2. Steamy soup

steamy bowl of soup        When you get sick with the flu or similar illnesses, you ever wonder why they recommend you eat hot chicken soup and warm beverages? That’s because they give off steam, and steam is very helpful when it comes to keeping you healthy. When inhaled, steam stimulates the hairs in your nose and airway called the cilia. The cilia’s job is to ward off pathogens from your body. This helps you recover from the flu you already have, while keeping future pathogens at bay so you don’t get sick all over again. And it’s a good preventative measure too.

#3. Full sleep schedule

        Being a night owl is fine, but a full 8 hours of sleep is vital to anyone who wants to lead a healthy life. Our immune system depends on how much sleep you’re getting on average every night. 7 or fewer hours can weaken your immune system, making you more likely to catch cold and other diseases, even if you’ve been properly vaccinated. This is especially true in fall or winter, where your immune system is at the most risk because of the cold weather. Whether it’s in the day or at night, 8 hours of sleep is vital to a healthy immune system, and a healthier life.

#4. Relax

        We live in an age of constant information, and these days, most of that information is bad news. Because of this, most folks tend to be stressed 24/7, which shouldn’t surprise to learn, is very unhealthy. We need down time, for our brains to readjust, take in the information we already have, and to be more prepared for the day. Otherwise, the constant supply of stress hormones like cortisol can actually harm our brain, overclocking it from constant stress. So take time out of your day to just sit back and relax, maybe read a book. Or better yet, take a 20 minute nap to just turn your brain off for a little while. Staying informed is important, of course, but so is being able to properly process that information. Because otherwise, it could be more harm than it’s worth.

#5. Play games

friends playing jenga and board game        One of the reasons we need social interaction is that our brains crave engagement. It needs to be challenged, tricked, surprised etc. and one other way to do that is through games. Whether board games, or video games, the most successful of either of these knows that the player’s engagement is absolutely paramount. That’s why it can be hard to put down that video game, even when it’s kicking your butt up and down the proverbial street, and why a rousing round of your favorite board game with your friends demands another round. Playing games like this can drastically improve your analytical skills and hand-eye coordination. They also keep your brain engaged, active, and healthier.


        You read that right, everything. Vacuum every carpet, wipe down every counter, hose every trash can. If it’s been a long time since the last time you cleaned your house or apartment, you need to be extra thorough about this. Scrub down every nook, cranny, crevice, and crevasse you find. This is probably one of the most vital entries on this list, because if you haven’t cleaned your living space in a while, there could be any number of germs living in the very ground you’re walking on. There could be bugs attracted to the food crumbs you haven’t swept up, mold growing on that wet spot behind the desk you forgot about a few months ago, and heaven knows what else.

        Do you have to spend a ton of money on cleaning equipment and learn how to deep clean your apartment? Not necessarily, but at least keeping everything tidy helps a lot. It keeps the worst pathogens out of your house and away from you, and will keep future pathogens from growing in their place.

        We all want to stay healthy, but not everyone knows how. Thankfully, if you do any of the above on a regular basis just for its own sake, then you’re already doing pretty okay. If you aren’t, well then there’s no better time to start than right now. The best thing about these activities is how simple they are, and how you can easily do them and not even realize how much healthier they’re making your life.

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