9 Supplements Every Man Should Probably Be Taking

by Jeff Cans

Is your diet completely on-point, or do you feel like there are a few nutritional gaps? If you want to feel and look your best, these supplements may be the missing link to reaching your health goals. Start by getting tested at your doctor’s office. Micronutrient tests have become quite popular recently, and they can determine your current vitamin and mineral levels, and if you happen to have any deficiencies. Once you have a baseline, you can track how supplementation is affecting your numbers.

Remember that some supplements may have contraindications with certain prescription medications, so be sure to consult your healthcare provider before taking any new supplements.

  1. B12

This B vitamin is a wellness powerhouse and vital in several systems in your body. It aids the nervous system, digestion, brain function, and can even stabilize your mood. Our bodies don’t naturally produce B12, so we have to get it through our diets. If you’re not getting enough in your diet, supplementation is the way to go. Many people who take this regularly report more energy, better sleep, and fewer colds. It is generally recommended to supplement with 1 – 25 micrograms per day. Natural dietary sources of B12 are eggs, dairy, fish, meat, and poultry.

  1. Collagen

9 Supplements Every Man Should Probably Be TakingCollagen is a complex protein and the building block of your skin, teeth, bones, and hair. It repairs muscles after hard workouts in the gym, heals wounds, and boosts your metabolism. After supplementing for a few weeks, you might find that you have more energy, and people might be complimenting you on how amazing your skin looks. Because collagen supplements are made from the bones and tissues of animals, it’s advisable to find a well-regulated organic and grass-fed or pasture-raised product.

  1. COQ10

COQ10 stands for Coenzyme Q10 and is also referred to as ubiquinone. Most people supplement with this for heart health and high blood pressure. COQ10 produces energy for cell growth and maintenance, and is, therefore, crucial to several functions in the body. You may find that taking this supplement will prevent migraines, fight cancer, and have an overall antioxidant effect on your cells. It’s not advised to take this if you already have low blood pressure since it’s very effective at lowering it. Generally, the recommended dose is between 90 to 200 milligrams per day. If you want to get COQ10 in your diet, you’d have to eat organ meats, sardines, or mackerel to get high amounts.

  1. Fish Oil

Omega 3 fatty acids are well-known to be anti-inflammatory dynamos, and sorely lacking in the standard diet. Omega 3s fight inflammation, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and asthma. Taking this supplement might improve your joint and vision health. Omega 3s are usually found in fatty fish (i.e., salmon, mackerel, and sardines), flax seeds, and walnuts, but if you aren’t getting enough of those, try taking a fish oil supplement. Most doctors recommend taking between 1 to 15 grams of fish oil every day, depending on your health issues and wellness goals.

  1. Magnesium

Recent studies have found that many people are deficient in magnesium. It turns out that this mineral is most easily absorbed through the skin, so if you want to supplement, you can take Epsom salt baths or massage pure magnesium oil into your skin before bed. You might find that you are sleeping better and feeling calmer during the day, and it could help to keep your blood sugar under control. Magnesium has also been found to boost testosterone, so it’s especially important for those men that are experiencing a later-in-life T-level slump.

  1. Multivitamin

A good multivitamin goes a long way to provide a sort of insurance policy if your diet is not up to par. Nowadays, there are unique blends of multivitamins available that are specifically made for age, lifestyle, gender, and health goals. Look for those that are well-reviewed and tested for efficacy and purity.

  1. Probiotics

Probiotics have gotten a lot of press recently because researchers are finding out just how key gut health is to overall wellness. The good bacteria you can get from supplementing with probiotics are responsible for keeping your microbiome in tip-top shape. A healthy gut can ensure that you absorb all of the other vitamins and minerals you consume. These beneficial bacteria also play a significant role in making sure your immune system is functioning well. You can supplement with probiotic capsules or find them in yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and kombucha.

  1. Vitamin D3

9 Supplements Every Man Should Probably Be TakingThe sunshine vitamin, which is actually a hormone, is crucial in many bodily functions. It helps you absorb calcium, reduces inflammation, and improves your mood. Many people are deficient, and low levels of Vitamin D3 have been associated with heart disease, depression, and diabetes. It’s also a key factor in your body’s ability to produce the proper levels of testosterone. It’s unfortunately not prevalent in many foods outside of fortified dairy products. Most doctors recommend supplementing with 2,000 – 5,000 i.u. per day, and you should aim for a blood level of at least 50 nanograms.

  1. Whey Protein Powder

If you are hitting the weights hard in the gym, your muscles need protein to rebuild. Whey protein powder is an excellent way to reach your daily protein goals since most men don’t get enough through their regular diet. Higher intake levels of protein have been shown to boost lean muscle mass, testosterone production, bone health, longevity, and overall health and wellness. If you are active, you should probably aim to get 1 gram of protein per pound of your ideal weight. When looking at the overwhelming variety of whey protein powders on the grocery store shelf, try to find one with the fewest ingredients possibly made from grass-fed milk.

It’s difficult to have a perfect diet, so supplementation can be quite valuable in filling in those nutritional holes. Talk to your doctor about getting tested and which of these supplements you might want to add to your health and wellness arsenal.

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