by Peter Franks

White Lightning Fat Burning Supplement Review


APS Nutrition is a company known for producing over-the-edge supplements. When dealing with APS Nutrition products, we’ve learned to expect that something in the formula is off, as with Phenadrine. We’ve learned that APS Nutrition caters to a select group of people who want to get the most out of their workouts without really thinking about the consequences of taking dangerous supplements, and that information was just supported by our in-depth look at their other fat burning supplement, White Lightning.

White Lightning, on paper, appears to be a decent fat burner with ingredients that help you burn fat, increase your mental focus, and help increase your energy to do more intense workouts. These attributes are important in pre-workout supplements and fat burners, and this makes a strong case for White Lightning as a formidable contender for the top spot in fat burners.



White Lightning has a short list of ingredients. Like many energy-boosting supplements, White Lightning contains caffeine, but its exact caffeine content is not completely disclosed. All the nutrition facts say about White Lightning is that it contains a 515mg proprietary blend composed of Caffeine, Geranaburn (geranium oil extract), naringin, and coleus forskohlii.

It’s important to note that Forskohlii requires at least 1000mg per day to be effective, which falls short of the entire proprietary blend of only 515mg. Naringin is also the fat burning component of grapefruits, but again the concentration falls short of the required supplementation of around 350mg.



You can scour the net for first-hand experiences of customers regarding White Lightning, and not everyone appears to be favorable to its effects. Some users experienced palpitations, and others, dizziness and hyperventilation.


DMAA Warning

The main component of the formula for White Lightning is Geranaburn, or geranium oil extract. While geranium oil is a known herbal treatment for a variety of illnesses, geranium oil is now viewed as a pseudonym for a dangerous fat burning ingredient called DMAA.

DMAA is the same ingredient in Phenadrine that made it dangerous. DMAA has been outlawed by the FDA for its severe side effects that can cause fatal conditions. While DMAA can seriously contribute to fat loss, its effect on the brain and on your energy levels can cause a sudden spike in your heart rate, accompanied by a more intense respiration. This side effects caused the death of two marines back in ’06, and since then, the public has been warned not to take any supplements that contain DMAA.



It seems that we were right all along when we suspected something funky from White Lightning. DMAA is a serious matter that shouldn’t be cast aside. Everyone’s goal for having a fit body is to stay healthy, and if you’re taking dangerous supplements to help you reach your goal, then that’s somewhat counterproductive, isn’t it?

There are other safer options than White Lightning and DMAA. Just check out the best fat burning pills today. LipoGenix Elite can help you safely burn fat without all the dangerous effects of DMAA. Check it out.

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