Automatic Body Language That Shows You’re Interested

by Jeff Cans

Your bro points out this hottie and his judgment’s right, as usual, cause you’re super interested. You check your breath, fix your hair, and make sure your underarms smell good. Body odor checked, you get up and then sit back down. How can you show you’re interested without looking desperate? Easy, do nothing. You see, evolution gave you a natural wingman—your body language. For the most part, it’s cool, calm, and collected, even if you aren’t. If you do get super nervous and clumsy, it’s okay, a lot of hotties like that. This article will share 12 ways you can show your interest with no effort.

#1 Pupil Dilation

Your pupils will grow into black saucers when you’re interested. Similar to being in the dark and trying to find any light, your eyes will help you see more of the person you’re interested in.

#2 Your Eyebrows Raise

Similar to your pupils, your eyebrows will raise to let in more of the person you want to see. This is a common trait of attraction and should let your interest know you like what they’re saying and are hanging onto their every word.

#3 Your Front Teeth Show

handsome guys who is smiling with teeth showingThe last time you smiled this big, you were like five, and had just run faster than the fastest kid in your grade. This wide, uninhibited smile shows all of your teeth and only happens when you are genuinely having an amazing time. This kind of smile can’t be hidden, it’s your body’s expression of sheer joy. Don’t hide it, hotties love this smile. Happiness and confidence are the only two things that draw people in quicker than a new iPhone.

#4 Your Smile Uses Your Entire Face

A real smile doesn’t just use the lips or cheeks, it recruits the forehead and eyes. When you’re really smiling, your forehead will lift and your eyes will get squinty. Hard to fake, your interest will know you are enjoying their company. So, try to relax and let your smile do its job. Trust me, it has millions of years of experience and is highly competent.

#5 You Lick Your Lips

Not at all in a creepy way, you may lick your lips. This small, unconscious, movement is sexy. When you like someone, your mouth produces more saliva, most likely in anticipation of being kissed. You may also press your lips together. If you ever intentionally do this, don’t do it too slow. It’ll look creepy.

#6 Your Eyes Take In The Whole Face

In the past, mutual sustained eye contact was the norm, but due to the addictive nature of phones, this has changed. Continued eye contact can make people feel uncomfortable. Your eyes and brain have adapted and now roam around, taking in your interest’s eyes, lips, and nose.

#7 You Take A Deep Breath

Before you can decide if you have any feelings beyond the superficial, your body is already working on getting the person you want. A deep breath puffs out your chest and pulls your stomach in, making your chest look broader and your waist slimmer. Evolution has stressed that men who look fit are more desirable, so your body will do everything it can to make you look capable of running long distances and protecting your family.

#8 You Lean In

man leans in on woman at bar and confident Seriously, your body has your back. When you are interested, you will automatically lean in. This has nothing to do with a noisy environment, but signals to the person you care about what they’re saying.

#9 You’ll Put Your Hands On Your Hips

To show you are stronger than other dudes and are confident enough to take up space, you will put your hands on your hips with your elbows spread out to the sides. This is a male power stance and helps you get the hottie’s attention. Not only that, but your body will angle itself towards the person you’re interested in to make sure they know the bullseye is on them.

#10 You Touch

This one isn’t automatic and needs to be done with care. You may touch your interest’s knee or hair while pretending it’s for some other reason. This is done to test their reaction. If you touch and then pull back too fast, you may give off the vibe you only want sex. But, if you pull back slowly and smile sweet, this can show your interest you actually want to get to know them before finding the nearest bed.

#11 You Spread Your Legs

While sitting, you may open your legs wide. This isn’t to signal you’re interested in the hottie’s thoughts on global warming, but that you’re hoping to become warmer in another way. More bluntly, you’re showing off the size of your penis. This is an overtly sexual gesture, but it can also signal you are willing to be vulnerable. The penis is full of highly sensitive nerves, so by leaving your precious goods out in the open, you are broadcasting that you’re ready to risk it all—physically, emotionally, and mentally. Very brave of you.

#12 You Angle Your Feet Towards Your Interest

The positioning of the feet is a highly subconscious gesture. Closely tied to the fight-or-flight response when you are in danger, your feet tell a lot about your true feelings. So, just sit back and let your feet do the talking.

Showing your attraction can be done deliberately, but your instincts automatically kick in to try and get the person of your desire. If you find the person isn’t getting the hints, then be more straightforward. Don’t be too persistent, though, as this will annoy the hottie because you are ignoring their disinterest.

If you have time to spare, head to a crowded area and see how many of these signs are exchanged between people.

Which ones work better than others?

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