Blue Plasma Review: Is it Effective?

by Peter Franks
Blue Plasma Review: Is it Effective?

Blue Plasma Summary 

One priority common to most all women is achieving the skin that is fresh and flawless. It also seems to present one of the biggest challenges. There are millions of gimmicks in the skin care marketplace. Some are excellent while others are a waste of time and money. The largest majority of these miracles in a jar are ridiculously expensive; however, that does not always demonstrate the quality or effectiveness. Perricone MD is a high dollar skin care manufacturer and their Blue Plasma formula is a skin peel that is non-acidic. They say it delivers visibly smooth results. The Perricone MD claims that their serum is does not irritate the skin. It uses micro-extraction removes debris down to microscopic size from the skin leaving only soft supple skin.  Another element of this product the manufacturer calls bio-specific peel and they say it targets dead skin cells only. The company says the formula also features hydro-fusion. This is to quench and nourish fine lines smooth as well as revitalize the skin’s elasticity.

Blue Plasma Ingredients and Functions  

Blue Plasma - Ingredients

A property derived from salmon roe produces an exfoliating effect that is akin to alpha hydroxy acid. This is minus the angry, botchy skin and it cleanses deep into the pores. This protein has been used to repair skin that was photo damaged and offers anti-aging properties. Copper has a wide range of vital function for which it is responsible. Nearly every area of the body requires it to some degree. It enhances the production of collagen which increases the elasticity of skin. It assists by smoothing scars and lightens age spots. Copper also provides antifungal and antibacterial actions. An amino acid called carnitine improves the firmness of the skin and increases fat oxidation. It possesses hygroscopic properties which pull moisture to the skin from the air and inhibits sebum secretion.

Blue Plasma Pros and Cons

Anti aging properties

Blue Plasma Pros

The company does not include any phthalates, parabens, or sulfates in its Blue Plasma formula.
The product utilizes micro-technology and hydration through water which has been enriched.
There is an abundance of great user feedback to review.
The Perricone MD website gives consumers free samples as well as free shipping.
Dissatisfied consumers may request their money back within 30 days.
Plasma Blues has not been tested on animals.

Blue Plasma Cons

This is one of the more expensive brands.
This formula does not include sun screen.
No efficacy trials have been conducted on this product.
There are complaints posted about harsh side effects.
Consumers only have one month to ask for a refund.
This formula is not vegan friendly.

Shop Spot

Many skin care sites on the internet offer Plasma Blue. The official website does also and only products ordered through it qualify for any type of refund. It costs around $100 for 59ml/2 ounces.


This formula does sound like a miracle in a jar; however, its price reflects that. It is too expensive just to take a chance and many consumers experienced horrible results. Customers only have 30 days from the purchase to ask for their money back and the request is only honored, if it was purchased from the company website.

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