Brogurt: Built For Men

by Jeff Cans

Yogurt is traditionally associated with women. The commercials show smiling women stirring peaches in their vanilla yogurt and throwing those little to-go cups 50 miles to their friends. While the commercials are entertaining, they aren’t realistic. Both in the distance a human can throw and that yogurt can’t be for men.

Your girlfriend eats the stuff like it’s her last meal and the commercials say this is dainty chick food. But, maybe you want some, packed full of protein to make you strong. Where’s that at? It’s, actually, already in the grocery stores. That chick food’s packing some major protein. Plain, nonfat Greek yogurt has about 18 grams of protein in each 6-ounce cup. Shoot, maybe that’s why the women in the commercial can throw so far. A joke. Let’s get to the manly yogurt that’ll put even more hair on your chest.

It’s called Powerful Yogurt.

A company went ahead and decided to dispel this myth by creating “brogurt”. Geared towards you, this yogurt packs a couple of things for your health you’ll definitely want to know more about. And it comes in a macho package.

shirtless man eating brogurt yogurtGrab a cup of this juiced-up yogurt and the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s bigger. While you’re girl’s grabbing 6-ounces, you get 8-ounces. Makes sense, you build more muscle. Powerful Yogurt also comes in manlier flavors. It doesn’t have Passion Fruit or Cherry, though those are some good flavors. Currently, Powerful Yogurt comes in eight flavors: Vanilla Bean, Key Lime, Blueberry Acai, Strawberry, Plain, and Banana. Flavors can be bought fat-free or whole milk and in 25g or 21g containers.

Each serving of this fat-free, all natural, yogurt will give you 20 to 25g of protein and between 140 to 180 calories.

The sports nutritionists and trainers who created Powerful Yogurt researched extensively into what you need. With just a spoon, a few dollars, and a trip to the store you can easily improve your digestion, lose fat, and gain muscle. This brogurt was created so you’d feel comfortable eating yogurt. Finally.

So, what does brogurt look like?

It’s packaged in an awesome red and black container, but isn’t so big and can fit in your gym bag, or lunchbox, with ease. It’s a thick yogurt, like other Greek yogurts, and comes in a lot of different colors. The packaging actually looks like a protein powder container or energy drink. To grab your attention, the creators knew they needed to tone down the flowers and stuff.

Just saying, but a really cool aspect of the packaging is the bull. It’s this bull with its horns out, charging the world. Looks cool.

Is brogurt better than other yogurts?

Yeah, except for its sugar content. In a comparison between Powerful Yogurt plain, Chobani non-fat plain, and Fage Total 0% plain, Powerful Yogurt ruled. For one, their serving size is bigger at 8 ounces (227g), then the others on the market at 6 ounces (170 g). It has more calories to help you bulk up and, at 25g, seven more grams of protein than the others.

Sugar, for all of these, is below the recommended healthy amount of 10g. Fage Total 0% plain and Chobani non-fat plain both have 7g of sugar, while Powerful Yogurt has 9g. There’s no fat in any of these.

The biggest advantage of Powerful Yogurt over others is the protein. 20 to 25 grams of protein can keep you full until your next meal and build healthy muscles to keep you strong.

Is this yogurt helpful for bodybuilding?

Yeah, Powerful Yogurt is used by bodybuilders. On the website, at least right now, there’s actually a ripped woman, but if you scroll down there’s this really buff guy talking about how much this man’s yogurt helps him.

With 25 grams of protein per serving, you can use this yogurt as a meal substitute when you’re out and about and forgot to eat.

What else can I get from Powerful?

Like most companies with a great idea, there’s much more available than just yogurt. Powerful offers oatmeal, smoothies, and protein drinks.

Does it use real fruit?

man eating bowl of brogurt yogurt with oatsYeah, it does. The website also lists the ingredients. There are 10 ingredients, after lumping in the seven active cultures.

Looking at the strawberry flavor’s ingredients, this is what you’ll find.

The strawberries are packed with natural cane sugar, natural flavor, fruit and vegetable juice for color, and cornstarch that isn’t genetically modified. There’s no sugar, Powerful uses Stevia extract.

Looking at their nutrition facts. Literally, there’s a picture of the nutrition facts on the website, their strawberry flavored men’s yogurt boasts 22g of total carbohydrates, 70mg of sodium, and 19g of total sugar. Hmm, that’s weird. Does it have sugar or not? Because 19g of sugar is a lot. You might want to give Powerful a call and ask.

Anyway, for your bones, you’ll get a whopping 20mg of calcium from a delicious tasting macho-designed container.

Yogurt is now a man’s domain. Tell everybody you know.

You can enjoy this healthy snack with your woman, or your bros, and get all of those benefits you’ve been wanting but may have hesitant to grab. With it’s awesome red and black packaging, Powerful has created a brand that can make even the most stereotypical woman’s food look hard.

While you’re on their website, pick up some oatmeal, protein drinks and smoothies made from yogurt, and merch. They have some awesome t-shirts for men and women in a lot of colors and at reasonable prices.

If you go to the store locator, you can find coupons to save yourself some money.

So, grab some brogurt and all the health benefits that come with it.

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