A Buying Guide for Men – How to Surprise Women With Gifts

by Peter Franks

Buying gifts for women can be an extremely difficult task as they can be somewhat picky. While men struggle to tell the difference between colors, women are specific on the detailing they need for gifts’ why have you bought the salmon pink handbag when it should have been the rose orange?! Women are complex creatures and while you might think buying them a gift will show them how much you love them, they are looking for something much more in-depth that a quick box of chocolates and the cheapest bunch of flowers. So here are some little pointers on how you should be approaching your gift buying.

 1. Inject some thought and a personal touch

preview-full-giftsYour relationship cannot be replicated through cheesy mass produced cards and a teddy bear holding a heart. You are two people with a rich and personal background and source of intimacy. Try to consider this when you think about what to buy her. Make it something that is personal to the both of you. While you may not have time to make a handmade photo album, consider trying to give her something that reminds her of a time you spent together or a day out or a period of your life when you were very close. By making it personal, she knows you have been thinking about her specifically, not trying to palm her off with a box of choccies just to keep her happy.

 2. Nostalgia

Women love to reminisce. They love to look back at times gone by and appreciate the time that you two have spent together and the happy memories you shared. Try considering a gift that will stir up old memories between the two of you and bring around conversation of the past. That way the gift is not only the physical item but also the warm, fuzzy time you spend chatting about the ‘good old days’.

 3. Time

In our busy lives, we often find that we spend little time with our partners. We may go to work, come home, and watch TV with them, but how much quality time are we actually taking to enjoy the intricacies of each others’ companies and the complexities of each others’ minds. Why not find a gift that incorporates a little treat with some of your time. Maybe it is tickets to an activity you like, a spa day for two, or maybe it’s a night in a hotel room.

 4. Reusable

preview-full-giftA day out can be a relaxing experience to spend time together, but if you would like to just give her a little gift, why not surprise her with something she can involve in her daily life. Perhaps you buy her a new bath soak or face cream, both of which can be introduced to her daily routine. That means each time she uses it, she can be reminded of your choice and your thoughtfulness.

 5. Address an issue

Has your girlfriend been complaining about something every day and doesn’t have a solution, or time to fix it? For example, suppose she feels she spends too much time and money getting coffee on the way to work. Why not buy her a coffee machine and reusable mug? Perhaps she keeps complaining that a streetlight outside the bedroom is too bright. Maybe buy her a sleep mask or thicker drapes. This extra thought helps to solve an issue that been bothering her while also treating her to a new gift.

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