Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-How to Treat This Common Condition

by Peter Franks

Carpal tunnel syndrome is becoming more prevalent in society today, something that many of us had never heard of before. This condition is becoming more and more common in society today because of many reasons, mainly revolving around the use of a computer keyboard which many of us do for work and for extended periods of time.

This causes inflammation of the carpal tunnel, which is the pathway that allows things like your nerves to travel through to control other parts of your hand. This pathway is very narrow and is thus prone to swelling, which can cause loss of ability, and range of motion.

In addition, it is usually painful to the point where typing or doing whatever task that involves the wrist and palm becomes impossible.

The people who are at most risk for developing this disease are people who have occupations that revolve around typing, or performing some kind of work that consists of repeating the same motions over and over again. This repeated motion is one potential cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.


How Do You Know If You Have Carpal Tunnel? What Should You Look For?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-How to Treat This Common ConditionIt is important to recognize that carpal tunnel syndrome is something that develops over the course of a long period of time, and thus injury will not be immediate. This means that you can catch it early if you know what warning signs to look for, which can really limit the damage that is done.

The first sign to look for is throbbing pain in the hand, fingers and arm. The pain should be localized around the inner part of the hand if this is the case, especially the thumb and index fingers.

Other signs include numbness, tingling and difficulty in moving the arm. Muscle spasms, twitches or shock like sensations are other indicators that the nerves are being pinches within the carpal tunnel. Symptoms of “ghost hand” also appear in some people, where they lose awareness of where their hand is.

You should also look in to your family history as well, because carpal tunnel syndrome does have some links to genetics. People who are overweight or obese are also more at risk for developing this condition.

How Can I Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Myself?

If caught early, carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated on your own through a combination of stretches, exercises and a proper diet. If your carpal tunnel gets too severe it can require surgery, which is obviously something you want to avoid. Treat your carpal tunnel early on to avoid more serious problems down the road.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to see your doctor, who will more than likely give you a type of brace and some medication. These are great tools to help in your recovery, however there is plenty more you can do yourself to accelerate the healing process.

Rest the Problem Area as Much as Possible

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-How to Treat This Common ConditionGive the problem area as much time off as possible, while also applying periodically. This will help to reduce further swelling and damage to the nerves that travel through the carpal tunnel.

If you use your hands for work and just can’t afford to stop doing so altogether, then try to do your work in a different manner. Remember, the inflammation and damage here is all about repetitive movement. If you are a carpenter or a plumber for example, use your less dominant hand, or work at a different angle to give your problem hand a break.

Perform Hand and Wrist Exercises to Fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There are plenty of wrist and hand exercises you can do to relieve your symptoms as well, which revolve around stretching out the wrist. This can help relieve the pressure that causes the compression on the carpal tunnel, thus expanding it and providing relief.

These exercises involve rotating the wrist in different directions, stretching out the fingers, and gently bending the wrist back and forth to name a few.

Take the Right Supplements to Help Improve Your Symptoms

The best way to get long term relief from carpal tunnel syndrome is to maintain a good diet, however you that isn’t going to relieve your symptoms now. Taking a supplement with the right ingredients can do so, and this is because they are going to contain a higher concentration of these nutrients, which means you get relief fast.

Vitamin B6 and B12 are especially important because of the role they play in reducing inflammation, the major cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. A multivitamin is your best bet to get all of these vitamins you need, like Ultimate Man by Men’s Healthy Lifestyle, which is a high quality product.

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