Coffee Blocks – How effective is this idea?

by Peter Franks
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When a new product arises on the holistic market, is it just a case of trying it out to see if it works or do you seek advise to try and decipher whether it is worth your time, effort and money? If you choose the second option, then we are here to help!

We provide the facts about formulas and gather information from clinical trials that will assist you to make the right decision about the types of remedies that are available.

The purpose of the product

Coffee Blocks - IngredientsA traditional tibetan method of putting butter into hot drinks has come around to the American market! Coffee Blocks is supposed to help you lose weight and improve your cholesterol as a “reinvented” form of instant coffee. As well as butter from grass fed cows this formula combines with coconut oil which provides healthy fats and long-lasting energy to help you burn fat.

Normally, in Tibet they would drink Yak butter tea but a US company has taken this idea and created their own recipe to appeal more to the American market and culture. They have created a drink that promises to provide prolonged energy and boost the metabolism.

Other important benefits received from  this formula is the release of liver bile which helps to break down fats in the butter and boost energy levels. You will also find that in grass fed butter there are high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, CLA, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Butyrate. Finally, one more advantage is that you will gain the ability to absorb calcium.


Coffee Blocks - Burn extra caloriesButter from ‘Kerry Gold’ Grass Fed Cows , Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Egg Yolks from Free Range Chickens, Organic Vanilla, and Coffee are the five main ingredients contained within this product.

As well as the main ingredient of grass fed butter, there is also Coconut oil as the other key element. This substance is known to vastly improve health and holds MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which will burn extra calories while reducing hunger.

It only takes three easy steps to create you daily drink:

1.    Pour hot water into a cup.

2.    Add the product to the hot water.

3.    Stir until well mixed.

The idea is to use this supplement to replace breakfast, but you may drink it at any time of day and, if you are still hungry afterwards, you may eat a meal should you wish.

Containing no sugar, carbs, or gluten this is said to be a healthier alternative to regular instant coffee.


The prices of this product vary with regards to the quantity you wish to buy. The cheapest being a pack of 8 for $23.95 and the most expensive being a pack of 64 for $191.60. This is not the best for money on the market, but if it works for you then great!

Our conclusion

The understanding is that there is pretty much zero evidence that this method does work better than anything else and the product that most consumers are choosing as an alternative is Flat Belly which charges an extremely reasonable price of just $19.95 and has been proven to have the most advanced formula according to clinical trials.

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