Complimenting Women the Right Way

by Jeff Cans

Guys, it’s not hard to do. Complimented your girl should be impeccably easy, right? Well then, how come a lot of guys don’t know what it takes to put that humungous smile across her face? It’s okay, that’s why I’m here to help.

First things first. You must understand what’s a good compliment, and what’s not a good compliment. You see, compliments can start the night out right, or it can turn the night into suck a bag of dicks; The choice is yours. But you have to carefully select what you say, and after some time, it’ll get easier.

Next you have to understand that giving a good compliment will always work in your favor. Why does it do this?

  • Giving a good compliment to your lady shows that you’re confident. You’re picking something that stands out about her. Actually, you’re letting down your guard to make her smile, whether you realize it or not. And, by letting down your guard, you’re showing your girl that you’re vulnerable in some way or another. This makes her like you more fellas.
  • male impressing his date during dinnerGiving a good compliment shows what your true intentions are. Many guys can give a half-assed compliment such as, “I like your coat.” But, if a guy says a compliment to his lady like, “your hair smells like raspberries, I really like the shampoo you’re using,” it shows they’ve paid a little bit more attention. It shows that you’re interested in her. And, such a small little compliment can actually mean a lot more to a woman than you think, potentially turning her on from seeing that side of you.
  • Giving a good compliment puts you above others. If you compliment her on something specific, that really caught your attention, it shows that you’re choosing her, and in turn, she’ll want to choose you.
  • Giving a good compliment means you see past just what’s in her pants, unlike other men. You want to impress her, show her she’s worth more than just sex, and by giving her a genuine compliment, you’re on your way to a great start.

Remember, when giving a genuinely well thought out compliment, you must take into account the content within the compliment as well as the intention behind the compliment. If it’s bland and not specific at all, chances are the woman is going to be bored with it, in turn wanting nothing to do with you. But if you do it right, the start of a beautiful relationship could be taking root.

After you’ve understood what a good compliment tells the woman about you, now it’s time to understand what a compliment should contain.

  • Guideline #1: Do not ramble on and on. Get to the point and state your thoughts. If you’re straight and to the point, odds are you’ll catch the lady off guard/surprise her and make her feel more flattered about herself. However, if the compliment goes on for over two sentences, she’ll be bored and think that you’re overdoing it for some reason.
  • Guideline #2: Don’t go overboard. This means don’t exaggerate. If you tell your lady that, “she’s the most beautiful woman in all the world,” or, “her hair smells like a goddess, her eyes look like oceans, and her lips are as soft as the inside of a rose,” chances are you’re overexaggerating. Just be real with her and come up with something that really intrigues you.
  • Guideline #3: Please be specific. Being specific will gain you a ton of brownie points. Saying, “you’re pretty,” irks woman; They hear it a lot. Women don’t like this, at all. Chances are, she’ll think you’re bullshitting her just to get into her pants, and that’s no way to start or continue a date. However, if you take a step back and really get to know her, and really take a good look at her, you’ll be able to create a compliment that she’ll adore. Try your hardest not to bring forward a cliché or corny compliment, they may be cute sometimes, but more often times than not, they’re quite sickening to hear.
  • Guideline #4: Don’t over do it. Complimenting her too much will become sickening; Sickening for you to hear it and sickening for her to accept it. Try to keep it to two compliments per night, at a maximum. She’ll be able to appreciate them when they come alone. However, that does not mean that you should only compliment her once every few weeks. That will have the opposite effect on her, leaving her wondering why you’re not attracted to her beauty or brains any longer.

There are a few successful ways of going about complimented a woman. They work quite well, too.

  1. Compliment normally

man complimenting womanJust start by complimenting her the normal way. Pick out something of her looks, her appearance, her passions, or her wits. Make sure you don’t use generic compliments, remember that. Other than that, pay attention to her for a little while and then pass one her way. Compliments having to do with her looks can be said earlier in the night whereas compliments about her personality can be said later in the night, especially if it’s the first few dates. If you’ve been together a while, mix it up, make sure she isn’t expecting one or the other at a certain point and time.

  1. Explain it to her

That is, explain it to her in 3 sentences or less, don’t run on with your compliments. For example, saying something like, “I haven’t been around someone so driven in a long time. It’s inspiring,” can do the trick; Pay attention to what she has to say, then construct your compliment.

  1. As her a question

Inquiring about her life can actually be taken as a compliment. This shows that you’re interested in her goals and aspirations and can act as if you want to know more about her, complimenting what you’ve already heard so far. For example, saying something like, “What led you in such an amazing career choice?” Can show you’ve listened and you want to learn more about her.

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