Is Cytosport Monster Mobilized Amino 6:1:1 RTD Effective?

by Peter Franks

Cytosport Monster Mobilized Amino 6:1:1 RTD is a fitness supplement made of BCAAs, a component for creating muscle pumps, and a stimulant. It is also a ready-to-drink supplementation, which makes it more convenient for users. This product’s per order contains 12 bottles with a price of $22.

What are the Components?

This particular supplement features a simple formulation. It uses 5 components overall:

BCAAs (5g): The 5-gram content of BCAAs is composed of 4 grams of L-leucine ad 500 mg each of L-isoleucine and L-valine.

preview-full-shutterstock_116182309Basically, BCAAs are used as a supplementation for increasing post-training recuperation and fight muscle pains. You could be speculating why there is 4 grams of one type of BCAA while others are in lower quantities. The reason behind this is because L-leucine is actually more advantageous than the rest since its supplementation boosts the fusion of muscle proteins.

L-Citrulline (1g): This amino acid is considered by the industry as a sort of a “pump” component. It works by transforming to nitric oxide, which then helps to enhance the circulation of blood.

Caffeine (100mg): A prominent stimulant, it is typically used to enhance concentration, energy levels, and mental capacities in the form of boosted alertness. Thus, it’s not surprising that caffeine is widely used in many pre-workout products today.

Even though its ingredient profile is not as abundant as others, this supplement features promising components, which makes up for its small component profile. The tinier caffeine dosage in every serving is great for a number of reasons. This becomes ideal for those individuals who have high sensitivity to caffeine. This also enables those who can deal with larger quantities to consume over a single serving, as well as to receive additional BCAA intake. But consumption of two servings simultaneously can become costly.

Flavors & Accessibility

Cytosport Monster Mobilized Amino 6:1:1 RTD is offered in watermelon and grape flavors. As of now, its accessibility is not widespread being a new supplement. Nonetheless, huge third-party sites seem to be offering it.

preview-lightbox-shutterstock_355330217Cytosport Monster Mobilized Amino 6:1:1 RTD, in contrast with others, is unique because it is already contained in a mixed bottle, making it a ready-to-drink product. As a result, it is offered in 12 packs online.

Making the Most of It

This specific supplement can be utilized as a pre-workout, intra-workout, and a post-workout product. Thus, its purpose is totally maximized.

In order to get the best outcome, it is suggested to take this supplement alongside regular workouts.

It is also suggested to evaluate your body’s tolerance prior to using Cytosport Monster Mobilized Amino 6:1:1 RTD. This is safer especially if you found out that you have high sensitivity to caffeine. Upon opening the supplement, you must refrigerate it if you opt to consume it at a later time.

What’s the Bottom Line?

In general, this particular fitness supplement is a decent and distinctive product in its own way. It is ready-to-drink, which is convenient for users who are always on the go. It has few yet promising ingredients that have been proven clinically to be beneficial in terms of muscle growth and recovery. It is available in two flavors, too.

If you’re an avid fan of fitness and you need something to have some edge when it comes to your physical and even mental performance, Cytosport Monster Mobilized Amino 6:1:1 RTD is worth considering. Its components just have enough dosages, not low and not so high. But if you’re looking for something stronger, you’ll have to find something else because Cytosport Monster Mobilized Amino 6:1:1 RTD isn’t that strong. It aims to be on the safe side.

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