Dangers of Masturbation

by Jeff Cans

You feel giddy when you jerk off to release those built-up tensions in your body right?  Bet your answer is Yes. Sure, masturbation comes with its own package of ease. Nevertheless, do you bother to know if it also comes with its package or unease and troubles too? Of course, it does!  Just like every other thing in life that has a good and bad side, masturbation has its benefits as well as its dangers. After all, there are always two sides to a coin, hence, you shouldn’t be so surprised.

Let’s take a holistic view of the subject matter, its benefits, and of course, the dangers it poses to healthy living and everyday happiness.

What’s masturbation?

Just like how popular sex has become even among teenagers and young adults, masturbation has also found a space in the vocabulary of many. It’s what every Tom, Dick, and Harry indulge themselves in at any point in time when they feel freaky and sexually funny. However, to give the benefit of the doubt, let’s attempt to describe the concept of masturbation.

Masturbation is the act of stimulating one’s genital organ either by stroking or by fingering, fisting, or whatever for a certain period until orgasm is achieved in both males and females. The guys will usually stroke their penis with their hands of fuck a synthetic vagina until they ejaculate while the ladies usually fingers themselves or employ an artificial penis to stimulate their G-spot until they squirt. Basically, it’s a solo-sexual activity where you get to feel pleasure all by yourself by exploring your genital organs.

There are several myths surrounding masturbation especially as touching how harmful it is to the body. Modern-day research has found that there are actually no physically harmful side effects of masturbation. However, wherein in excess, it poses a terrible danger to one’s mental health.

Before considering these dangers, it is expedient that the benefits of masturbation should be explored first. Here are the many benefits of riding yourself to orgasm; it helps one to reduce stress and release tension; it enhances the quality of one’s sleep; it helps to elevate mood; it boosts concentration; it prevents one against prostate cancer; for the ladies, it helps to relieve menstrual cramps and heals guys from epididymis hypertension; it helps to improve the quality of sex; the list goes endless.

Having highlighted the benefits of masturbation, let’s consider the dangers it poses to healthy living.

Let’s emphasize again that masturbation does not have any side effects except for some psychological issues that surround guilt and addiction.

Issues of guilt and shamemasturbating

For many, the argument against masturbation has been from cultural and religious angles. Their mind has been configured to believe that masturbation is dirty and even ‘demonic’. For such people, they live their lives in utter shame and guilt. This snowballs into anxiety and then depression. The belief system that masturbation is bad ends up enslaving those who are followers of such a belief system because of their beliefs. This goes on to affect their mental health negatively. A word of advice would be that if masturbating is against your spiritual or cultural beliefs, stay away from it so that you won’t end up living your life in shame and guilt.

Issues about addiction

This is the centre of the concern of this piece. There’s the possibility of becoming addicted to masturbation. Where this happens, it is an indication that you have been masturbating too much. This poses a very tricky question; and the question is why engage in it if it makes you become an addict?

Addiction to masturbation has the capacity or ruining one’s relationship with loved ones as you’d always like to keep to yourself and jerk at all sorts of porn videos you can ever find. By so doing, you always want to be alone and this will affect the relationships you have spent the time to build.  Masturbating too much may affect your work or studies and then lead to decreased productivity. You are addicted to masturbation if it makes you;masturbation

  • miss work, school, or other scheduled engagements;
  • cancel plans of hanging out with friends and loved ones;
  • you cancel important events and appointments
  • Skip your chores or routine activities

If you feel you are addicted to masturbation and it’s beginning to affect the quality of your life, it’s high time you saw your doctor.

Issues about a decrease in sexual sensitivity

The techniques employed during masturbation can also affect sexual sensitivity. Holding the penis too tight and stroking hard can decrease the sensitivity of the penis and even lead to premature ejaculation during sex.

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