Dating Younger? Here’s What You Need To Know

by Jeff Cans

Dating a younger woman can be adventurous. It also comes with those judgmental looks and silent questions from people who don’t have much of a life of their own. There are tons of studies showing that dating a younger woman as an older man is great for your health and leads to a longer life.

Here are eight ways that will help you keep your younger woman or get one.

#1 Respect Her Time

A huge thing with relationships, for women, is that men can be inconsiderate of their time. In the past, way before you, men may have played games like disappearing for weeks and then asking where she was or requesting a visit at 2 a.m. Your younger woman may have been burned before, so you’ll need to prove that you’re as serious about this relationship as she is. Just like any other woman, young women don’t have time for games. They want a guy who’s looking for more than just a casual hookup, or fling, or summer thing. So, if you’re looking to get with a younger woman, make sure you’re ready for the commitment. They have a lot of energy and interests and no time to waste.

#2 Sex

man who is in bed with younger womanYoung women are looking for more than just a sexual relationship. Just like you are. While you may be thinking you want a nice, mature woman with fewer years on her body, she’s thinking you’re offering a whirlwind romance and an intellectual spark. A young woman is looking for a guy who can match her for wit, intelligence, and humor. She loves to laugh and make jokes and she loves for you to do that, as well. Sex, of course, is a part of the equation, but it should never be the whole thing. Neither of you was put on this planet just to be a sex object. Respect her mind, her time, and her body. As the relationship progresses, keep that attentiveness and caring you displayed during the dating phase. Don’t get complacent with the relationship.

#3 Be Mature

Oftentimes, younger women want older men because of your maturity. They often feel that men their own age are immature, don’t have a clue, and don’t know who they are. When you’re dating a younger woman, make sure to show your maturity. She’s looking for some of your experience, knowledge, and she’s most certainly looking for a long-term relationship. Many younger women who date older men assume you’ve found yourself a long time ago. If she wanted to date a guy still searching for himself, she could get by with a younger man. So, be true to yourself, confident, and tell her who you are.

#4 Don’t Hold On Too Tight

When dating a younger woman, you’ll have to respect the age difference. You may have already experienced everything she’s going through right now, but don’t expect that she’ll just jump on board and dismiss the things that are happening right now. She needs time, like you had, to experience the ups and downs of life. Support her in these moments and validate her experiences.

While you may be ready for marriage, or already have children, this is a very large commitment and she may not be ready. Discuss these issues, but don’t press too hard. She may just need more time to consider the possibilities. Children can limit her spontaneity and make her feel older than her years. Another issue to watch out for is that you don’t make her feel as if she should act older than her age. While she is mature, this may make her feel stifled and resentful.

When dating a younger woman, you’ll want to be adventurous, fresh, and ready to party hard. Most likely, she’ll want to go dancing or hiking or just out in the world experiencing new things. So, if you have a less adventurous nature or don’t want to go out all the time, do your own thing and let her do hers. Having said that, she should be willing to spend some nights in, if you’d prefer that.

#5 Honesty

older man regularly dating a young womanBe very clear about why you want to date a younger woman. Is it her looks, how she makes you feel, or is it because of who she is? As the two of you age, she’ll want to have built a stronger bond with you, not just have been a prize to show off. Mentioned before, but many young women are looking for a serious relationship with a man who knows himself.

#6 Stay Up-to-date

You don’t have to learn all of the lingo, or for that matter, use it. But, having a passing familiarity on what she’s talking about by reading up on the latest trends, is a great way to make her feel like you respect her and her age. In most cases, age isn’t just a number. There are many generational, technological, cultural, and linguistic differences that crop up with a large age gap. Ensure that this learning goes both ways. When she knows more about your generation, and you know about hers, the two of you can communicate much easier. Though you may never do this, avoid phrases such as “Back in my day.” and “Kids these days.” You’re her man, not her dad.

#7 Respect

Always be sure there is mutual respect between you two. Don’t treat her like a child in any way and curb mean-spirited jokes about your age or generation. Both of you are adults and should treat each other as such.

#8 Future

Discuss the future. As your age progresses, you’ll want to know how she plans to handle your affairs when you become elderly. Will she be your Power of Attorney? Does she want the responsibility?

This talk can include her health. If she becomes disabled, how will you handle this? What decisions would she like to be made on her behalf?

Dating a younger woman is a great choice. There are some differences, but they’re manageable with open communication and mutual respect.


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