Do These 14 Things and You’ll Get More Energy That Could Last Throughout Your Workout

by Jeff Cans
battle ropes exercise in gym

Your body needs more energy to prepare yourself for your workout. A lack of energy could make you feel less motivated and drained even before you began. It’s true that you create more energy when you move, but it’s impossible to move when you don’t feel like it. Before you throw your hands up and call it quits, try the following strategies that can help you provide the much needed energy for your workout.

1. Drink coffee

Coffee helps you burn fat cells into sources of energy. Black coffee, most especially, can help increase your metabolism and burn more calories. Another thing is, coffee and the compounds in it have the ability to suppress your hunger and make you crave for food less. Drinking coffee before a workout is a big yes.

2. Bring your workout outside

If your workout is inside the gym, bring it outside for a change. Sitting all day in your office can dull your energy. The outdoors, which have lots of motion, can truly lift your spirits up. Instead of lifting weights or walking in the treadmill, try walking or running outside to boost your mood and have enough energy.

3. Stimulate yourself mentally

The thought of a challenging workout may sap you of energy. Your body may respond with resistance every time you imagine yourself lifting heavier weights. You can reverse the flow of your thoughts. Instead of feeling dread seeing yourself lift weights again, try visualizing yourself lifting weights successfully and happily. This can evoke a positive testosterone response from your body, which is very beneficial. The more you imagine your success, the more you anticipate doing the real thing.

4. Find a workout partner

couple workout buddiesWalking alone in the journey feels boring at times, which makes you feel less motivated to do your workouts. Finding a partner is the best solution for this. People can be a source of inspiration, especially when you love their company. So, try to find a workout buddy who also loves to do what you’re doing. A trainer or coach can also inspire you to show up every training session.

5. Have a good fitness goal

People work out for different reasons. When your goal is large enough or strong enough, you’re likely to keep going even during the days when you simply don’t feel like it. Setting a goal for the day can be a big motivator for you to hit that goal. Determine what kind of exercise you’re going to take and how many reps you’re going to do. You’re more likely to hit your goal when you know what you want and how to get it.

6. Be open

At times, routines can be boring. Pushing yourself to do the things you don’t want to do for the time being can harm you than help you. Instead of clinging to your plan, give yourself permission to try to do other things. You’ll get more energized when you find yourself having fun even if it’s not included in your plan.

7. Nourish yourself

Obviously, when your body lacks the essential nutrients that can support you in your workout, you won’t have enough energy to do it. Eating foods that contain fats, proteins, and complex carbohydrates an hour or two before a workout is a very effective way of keeping your energy at par. And be sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients needed for the type of workout you do. If you’re training mostly on mornings, a good meal the night before works best.

8. Keep yourself hydrated

Insufficient water in the body is one of the reasons why you’re feeling low. Hydrating yourself is important, especially when you’re about to lose more body liquids through sweating during your workout. The best liquids to take are coconut water, herbal tea, and of course, water. You’ll also know when your body needs more liquid by the color of your urine. Anything darker than pale yellow could be a signal that you need more fluids in your body.

9. Pop a mint

Did you know that mint can make you alert and enhance your performance? One study shows that athletes were able to improve their performance when exposed to peppermint odors. Even drivers who want to stay alert, pop mint. Mint might be a simple answer when you catch yourself a bit less motivated.

10. Have the right motivation

The right motivation is one of the key ingredients why you’re working out in the first place. The right motivation can stimulate your mind into doing what you feel you need to do. Just make sure your motivation can be beneficial to you in the long run. For example, if your motivation is only to look great at the beach for the summer, after summer your motivation may wane. But if your motivation goes along the line of staying healthy and fit, you’re more likely to work out even until old age.

man running with earphones11. Use media

Your favorite playlist may also be able to lift your spirits up and motivate you to show up in your workout. Doing things in silence can bring your thoughts to some other things. But when your playlist inspires you, you’ll get more energy and motivation to keep going.

12. Try energy supplements

When you’re unable to track the amount of nourishment your body gets, taking energy supplements might help you last longer in your workouts. Choose the stimulants that are fast acting and able to provide you with the physical and mental energy you need.

13. Take B vitamins

B vitamins are considered energy vitamins because their main function is to transfer energy from food sources to the body. You can directly get B vitamins from fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids, like salmon, tuna, and sardines. But supplements containing fish oil are available in the market. Taking these supplements works well too.

14. Give your body some rest

If you feel you’re still feeling tired despite giving your body the energy boost you need, what you need may be rest and relaxation. You don’t need to push your body too hard. Allow yourself to take the much needed rest and relaxation you deserve. Until then you’re more fit and energized to work out the next day.

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