Does Grapefruit Really Make Your Penis Bigger?

Yep. That sounds weird even writing it, but I’ve seen this online so much lately and I can’t help but wonder … could grapefruit juice actually improve the size of your penis? You know, if this were actually possible … I just can’t imagine how many grapefruits the world would need to begin manufacturing to keep up with the demand. This just sounds too good to be true, so of course I’ve looked into this myself to try and discover any sort of validity to such a thing.

Grapefruit juice-The fruitI have always known that it is definitely a fact that some foods are aphrodisiacs. But a juice?  A juice actually making your penis grow? Honestly, I couldn’t help but laugh as I began to research this, but I was pleasantly surprised to find some sort validity to such a thing. What I discovered is that sometimes foods and drinks can help with the absorption of nutrients. And, it just so happens that grapefruit is one of these foods/juices. Basically, this means that grapefruit juice will help you absorb the ingredients that are in your male enhancement supplement so you’ll have better results.
Grapefruit alone, however, is not going to make your penis magically grow. Seriously, if that worked it would just be insane, but it’s true that grapefruit can definitely assist in your penis enlargement goals when consumed while taking supplements.

You’ll always need a supplement to see results, but it’s definitely true that the grapefruit will help your supplement absorb quicker into your system. Besides, with grapefruit being so good for you overall when it comes to brain health, digestive health, etc. perhaps it can also assist with blood circulation. So I would say it can’t hurt to have some extra grapefruit in your diet and reap the benefits.

If you have tried this and have any sort of results or experience with adding grapefruit to your penis enlarging regiment, I would love to know more. I’m always up for hearing about others and their experiences of what is working and not working.

Grapefruit juice-Helps in absorptionAlso, keep in mind that any foods and juices that help with your blood circulation will help your sex life as well. Good blood flow makes for a better erection and anything that will help with the blood flow will help with erections and stamina in bed. Just remember, if you want amazing and real results with penis enlargement, make sure to find a good supplement like FCK Power or something that works for you, and use pumps and extenders. Things like grapefruit juice should and can be used, but only in addition to these other proven and actually effective methods. If you do all of that you are going to see some phenomenal results, but if you stick to just grapefruit you’re going to be waiting for that penis to grow so long you may end up hating just the sight of a grapefruit. Use it, but in addition to the things that will work and you’ll be good to go!