Effectiveness for the NeoCutis Journee Day Cream

by Peter Franks
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The NeoCutis Journee Day Cream is a generally high rated product although it is quite expensive ranging at $140 for 30 ml. This anti-aging product also moisturizes, heals and restores the skin. It has a protein called PSP that is the mixture of growth hormones, interleukins and even cytokines. This product also has the capability of protecting the skin from the sun with its SPF30 effects. The active ingredients, zinc oxide and octinoxate, are helpful in treating and healing the skin. The tinted and un-tinted forms for this product are available. Those who have darker skin generally benefit more from the tinted form.

Information About the Manufacturer

NeoCutis is the manufacturer of this product. They are in San Francisco, CA and started during 2003 in Switzerland. Biologists and physicians started the company when realizing the way that human cells would react to certain types of ingredients like amino acids. This product can now be bought at just about any beauty website, although people used to be able to get it only from a dermatologist. The manufacturer produces this product, eye creams, moisturizers and other treatments for targeting anti-aging too.

Ingredients of NeoCutis Journee Day CreamIngredients in This Cream

The main ingredients in this cream are:

  • Octinoxate (7.5%)
  • Zinc Oxide (7.3%)

These ingredients are generally safe but should consult a doctor before using this product to be sure to avoid allergens and irritation to the skin.

Inner Working for This Cream

This cream does serve as a beneficial moisturizer. However, it also covers the skin to protect from the sun, hydrates the skin and soothes it too. The ingredients such as the two main ingredients above and Hyaluronic acid help to benefit the appearance of your skin.

Benefits and Downfalls of This Cream

The benefits of this cream include:

  • No Fragrance
  • Moisturizing of the Skin
  • Works on Normal and Dry Skin
  • Protection from the Sun
  • Anti-Aging Properties

These are the excellent and amazing benefits for this cream.

The downfalls of this cream include:

  • Research Isn’t There to Support the PSP Efficiency
  • Anti-Aging Effects Are There but Minimal
  • Expensive

These are the downfalls found with this cream.

Way to Apply This Cream

This cream should be applied in small amounts into the skin before adding any make-up onto the skin. Your skin should be clean and you should apply it in the morning.

Safety of This Cream

This cream is helpful in knocking out signs of aging, hydrating your skin and also providing nourishing effects for your skin too. It is safe but you should definitely ask a doctor if the ingredients are right for your skin first. If you do have oily skin, you should try a different product.

Feedback from Customers on This Cream

Day creamCustomers do say that they like the effects of this cream as it does nourish their skin and create a better overall appearance to their skin. However, there are so many people that say this product is just too expensive as it doesn’t have the best anti-aging ingredients.

Final Note About This Cream

Last but not least, while this cream is on the expensive end, customers who don’t mind that generally say it is quite the effective solution for keeping their skin healthy and younger looking too.

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