Extenze Plus Review – My Personal Story

by Peter Franks

Extenze Plus Review

If you’ve been on a quest for information on penis enlargement, I have no doubt that you’ve discovered Extenze. They are definitely a well-known brand and have been around for a long time now. I have personally tried the Extenze and this review is from an actual experience, not just online research. I have actually used the original Extenze as well. I wasn’t crazy about the results though. I feel like their newer formula is much better for me. I will say that it does start off slower and more gradual in the beginning, but I feel like once it gets going the results are worth it and they are also longer lasting.

extenzeplus-staminaI’ve tried the red pills and those are the results I’m going to share with you today. So Extenze Plus is pretty much their new and improved version of the former Extenze. It’s got a lot more ingredients that help with stamina, erection quality, and overall control.

One change I really like is that the new formula is sold in gel cap form, as opposed to the old tablet formula. I like that it’s a gel cap because it will absorb into the bloodstream faster, which means it will work faster.

With the original pill I did have a few side effects, but not with this one. I felt really good right away and within a few hours I felt this warm sensation come over me and I just felt ravenous. Thankfully my girlfriend was over that night and feeling just as ravenous as I was. And let me tell you, I enjoyed that quite a bit. I had so much more energy during sex and lasted so much longer. But girlfriend was definitely pleased with the results, I can attest to that multiple times, if you know what I mean.

extenzeplus-libidoYes, I definitely recommend Extenze Plus. This new formula is incredible. I really can’t get over how great it works and I will definitely be stocking up on this so I never run out. I love the way it makes me feel and that it is more than effective. It also is made with natural ingredients and I didn’t feel any horrible side effects. After trying so many enhancement products throughout my life, the side effects can get annoying. It’s always nice to find something that not only works, but has no horrible side effects.

Remember though, this is definitely not a penis enlargement pill and no pill can claim to do that if they’re being honest. This pill, however, does help with erection quality, stamina, endurance, and libido. My overall performance was just so much better and my intense desire for sex increased within hours while taking Extenze Plus. So yes, I wholeheartedly recommend this product to you if you’re looking for a boost in sexual desire and want to amaze your partner in the bedroom. I don’t think you’ll regret trying Extenze Plus. Not in the slightest.

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