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Formula 41 Extreme is a male enhancement supplement regarded by many as the most effective male supplement in the market today. It heralds a breakthrough formula that can enhance a man’s sexual appetite, penis size, and sexual stamina just by taking one pill.

At first glance, Formula 41 Extreme got everything going right. From the website information, down to the bottle the pill comes in. Everything looks clean and professional. It’s no wonder that it’s also one of the most trusted male enhancement brands on the market today.

What you need to know

Although many male enhancement supplements try to overreach with their published effects, Formula 41 extreme breaks the mold by actually delivering the results they advertised. It’s through a careful selection, extraction, and stacking of ingredients that Formula 41 Extreme has become a breakthrough product in a market that is overrun by bogus supplements.

Who uses Formula 41 Extreme?

There is a large market for people who could use Formula 41 Extreme. From men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, to men who just want an improvement in their sexual performance; Formula 41 Extreme has the right combination of ingredients to be safe and effective for everyone.


Even though we already knew that Formula 41 Extreme is one of the best products in the market today, we still approached our testing phase with a certain level of skepticism and doubt, since we’ve been disappointed way too many times in the past by bogus supplements.

We tested Formula 41 Extreme extensively with lab tests and user tests, and we have never been more amazed at the results.

From our control group that took placebos and Formula 41 Extreme, it was unanimous that everyone reported an improvement in their sexual health. 80% reported an increase in sexual appetite, 70% reported improved erection maintenance, 50% reported an increase in penis size, and 87% reported an improved sexual stamina.

Our findings in our lab tests further reinforce the results of our user tests. It is reported that Formula 41 Extreme has a potency of 400 to 1, which is more than 10 times the potency of regular male enhancement products. Considering our user tests and lab results, it’s no surprise why many users are satisfied with Formula 41 Extreme.


The secret to Formula 41 Extreme’s success can be found in its unique ingredient composition.

Formula 41 Extreme contains the following ingredients:

  • L-Arginine – Increases Nitric Oxide levels and boosts testosterone
  • Tribulus Terrestris – a vasodilator that is instrumental in increasing penis size
  • Tongkat Ali – enhances libido and sexual appetite
  • Maca Root – an ingredient that promotes the expansion of erectile tissue
  • Muira Puama – increases free testosterone levels

These ingredients when stacked together create a highly-potent male enhancement formula that’s unrivalled by any other supplement. Aside from having effective ingredients, Formula 41 Extreme is also designed to be absorbed faster by the body, further enhancing its potency and effectiveness.


The best male enhancement pills have one thing in common: they do not disappoint their users. Sexual performance is a big issue for men. Just imagine having to place your trust on a single pill, hoping that it will deliver when the need arises; it’s more than just the composition of the product that makes a trustworthy supplement. Formula 41 Extreme never fails to give users the boost to rise up to the occasion, and for that – it’s one of the best male enhancement supplements out there today.

Formula 41 Extreme Rating: A+