Does Forskolin 1020 Even Work?

by Peter Franks
Is It Possible to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair?

This is the age old question we asks ourselves while scouring the internet looking for that magic pill that will help us lose weight. Is it a scam? It looks like it is working for some people. Are they getting paid off by the company? Who knows? The answer is that no one knows. All we can do is look at the facts before us and try and unpack them to make sense of these things. Forskolin 1020 has a pretty big buzz surrounding it but their website smells to me like a straight up scam. Let’s investigate into the alleged weight loss powers of this supplement before you move it right into your virtual cart.

Here are some of the claims that the company makes on their website:

  • Weight loss supplementIt prevents weight gain
  • Burns fat
  • Curbs cravings
  • Helps digestive system
  • Provides antioxidants
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Detoxes the body
  • Is 100$ all-natural
  • It is thermogenic
  • Boosts immune system

Here are what some users are saying about the pill on

“I love forskolin. It really works better than any other supplement out there, in my opinion. Does popping this pill make you skinny? Of course not, but it has helped me get down to my ideal weight.”

“Lots of energy and good appetite suppression for me. I really like this supplement and I really like this brand.”

There are only 2 reviews, which is pretty weird. If this is such a powerful and popular product why is there literally no real user testimonials available on either their own website or other sellers? This is where the plot thickens when it comes to Forskolin 1020.

Ingredient List or Rather Lack Thereof..

Ingredients of Forskolin 1020There is no ingredient list for this product, just straight up nada. How can you confidently buy something that you don’t even know what is inside. Why does the company not tell users what is in it? What are they hiding? If they weren’t hiding something then they would most likely want to brag to you about all of the all-natural ingredients in this product, but instead the ingredient list remains a mystery aside from Forskollhi.

The Price…

This is where things just start to spiral out of control with this product as I am falling further and further down the rabbit hole over here. One 60 day supply costs $75.00….. ON SALE. It costs $100 regularly apparently without that “sale”. I mean come on. It is difficult to justify paying $75 for a 2 month supply of something that you won’t even know what is inside until it arrives.

Does Forskolin 1020 Even Work?

That is something I’m not sure anyone knows. I think it is safe to assume that this is a bunch of expensive snake oil and should be left better off alone.

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