Get Her to Orgasm in Under 15 Minutes

by Jeff Cans

Think about it this way, the more pleasure you bring to her, the more pleasure you will get in return. And who doesn’t like pleasure, specifically orgasms?

Listen, there’s probably a ton of times where you’re sitting there eating her out, twisting your tongue this way and that way, wondering why it’s taking her so long to just orgasm already. You want your turn. Or, you want to stick it in so that the two of you can experience that sensational feeling together.

Well, there’s a way for her to orgasm quicker, or ways should I say.

Start with loosening her up before you begin the foreplay. Rumor has it, if you workout her abdominal muscles beforehand, you’ll stimulate the nerve running directly through her pelvis. This can be done simply by watching a comedy with her before the pleasure activities start. Or, encourage her to take a yoga class, and then welcome her with your sexiness once she enters the door.

Another tip is to give her a few drinks. Specifically, resort to red wine. Women who have some red wine before tend to be more aroused once they’ve finished the drink.

And, action!

Start with Mouth to Mouth

man making love to his womanMake sure you kiss her for approximately three minutes out of the fifteen minutes you have. Studies have said that kissing relieves stress, therefore relaxing the two of you along with setting the mood.

However, don’t just kiss her mouth. Wander your lips around her body. Start with the lips, of course, but then proceed down to her neck, and spend a few luscious seconds kissing around lightly. Don’t do it for too long, it will become a non-pleasure zone if you abuse it.

As you’re kissing her lips, her neck, and her body, slowly remove one piece of clothing at a time. This will drive her crazy and make her want more. But don’t let her go faster, take it slow. Slow and sensual will always make a woman orgasm quicker. And, for even quicker results, compliment her body as you’re removing her clothes. She’ll become more turned on as each moment passes.

Before You Take All of Her Clothes Off…

Be sure to keep whatever underwear she has on for at least a minute longer. Stroke and caress her using your fingers through the fabric. Go slow and build the anticipation. If you rush, your lady will likely not be able to orgasm.

Then, add some lube onto the tip of your fingers. Studies suggest a scented lube will arouse her senses. Insert your fingers and allow them to go in circular motions inside of her vagina. Be sure to go slow! Target the G-spot and clitoris every few seconds, too.

Continue by Going Down on Her

woman having orgasm holding on to pillowNow is the time to shine, guys. Use your tongue to please your lady the most.

Sexologists say that going eating a girl out is the best way to make her orgasm. But, there is a best practice way to go about it. Pull her clitoral hood up with a couple of your fingers. Then, slowly allow your tongue to roam across the base of her vagina in slow motions. Place another finger on her perineum. This is the area right below her vagina. She may start to show signs of an orgasm, but she’s not there just yet.

Now Enter

That’s right. After 7 minutes in heaven (or should I say, her heaven), it’s time to get up and get ready to insert your penis into her vagina. Studies state that after those 7 minutes, she is likely to orgasm extremely fast if you start intercourse.

But, what position is best?

For starters, do not do any hard thrusting. This will automatically get rid of any work you’ve just put in. Instead, go for a position like the missionary. Be sure to pull back a little bit, this will help your penis rest perfectly on her clitoris. This will trigger more of a sensation for her. Instead of thrusting, slowly rock back and forth. Trust me, you’ll see it in her expressions that she is enjoying it beyond regular measures.

While your rocking back and forth, place two wet fingers on her G-spot or clitoris and motion them up and down. This tip works best for the doggy-style position. You can even grab her favorite vibrator or toy to help stimulate these areas while you allow yourself to slide inside and outside of her.

At This Point, She’s Almost There

Now you’re in for the final steps of getting her to orgasm. And, if you’re close to it, try to hold out for her sake. It will feel better for the both of you if she does first, followed by you.

By now, your lady is probably already clawing at you. That doesn’t mean you can’t push her into overdrive and give her that leg-numbing, hand-clenching feeling. But remember, don’t change the position. If you do this, it’s like starting all over again. She’ll lose everything you’ve worked so hard to give her, and there will no longer be a point to making her orgasm in that moment.

Instead, keep doing the motions that make her react positively. That means your doing something right. Keep doing the exact motions she likes, at the exact same speed and pressure until you feel her legs start to shake. Within a few moments, she should be ready for takeoff, and you can follow in her footsteps.

Remember everything you’ve done in those fifteen minutes. Believe me, you’ll need it in the future. She will demand it, and when she does, get ready for an orgasm the two of you won’t forget (and one that will make the two of you keep coming back for more).

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