Are Glucerna’s Shakes Safe and Effective To Use?

by Peter Franks
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Let’s first see what users with diabetes are saying about this product on

“I like the shakes. It’s a bit too sweet but it’s a small bottle so it’s not bad. Use it as a breakfast replacement meal with a piece of fruit. I want to try different flavors but overall I like this product.”

 “What can I say? It arrived in a box and was very convenient to have it shipped. It is quite good and does help with blood sugar levels.
Overall, it is a great tasting drink.”

“For the last five years I have had type 2 diabetes and I have tried many diabetic recommended products in order to control my blood sugar. One of these products was Glucerna 8 ounce rich chocolate 24 packs. I have found that drinking one of these bottles for lunch has helped control my blood sugar levels during the day. In fact, instead of eating lunch I had one of these chocolate 8 ounce bottles of Glucerna today. This works well for me but I advise anyone who has type 2 diabetes to check with their doctor before using any diabetic recommended product.”

 “Delicious meal substitute and /or snack. Didn’t seem to negatively affect blood sugar. Easy to carry in a tote bag or purse.”

“Good diabetic supplement. Good flavor, size, nutrient. Very useful post surgery snack to help regain lost weight. Recommended by my doctors.”

Review Analysis:

The Glucerna Shakes have great Amazon reviews across the board. Some users did not like the taste or preferred the chocolate, but found it to be more expensive. Others recommended that users try the Butter Pecan flavor to mix things up. No one reported any negative side effects, but recommended that users who are diabetic consult a doctor before trying Glucerna as a blood sugar controlling option.

Out of 475 different reviews, 78% of reviews were 5 star, which is pretty impressive. Only 6% percent were 2 stars and below. This was not a classic case of mixed reviews that are ranging all over the place. Glucerna does not write false reviews as the company and manufacturer are 125 years old and don’t play that game that newer companies have to since they are not on the map.

Glucerna Shakes Product Info

Ingredients of Are Glucerna’s ShakesGlucerna Shake is a nutritious beverage that has specially, slowly digestible CARBSTEADY. CARBSTEADY is a patented carbohydrate that is recommended by healthcare professionals because it kicks carb cravings to the curb without spiking the blood sugar too high. It also makes for a more filling beverage that keeps users full for hours after drinking. It takes a full 4 hours for the user to slowly process the CARBSTEADY in the Glucerna shake.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Glucerna…

Weight loss shakeGlucerna has great user reviews given by diabetics. It is a doctor recommended product that is gluten free and perfect for lactose intolerant persons. It is a perfectly prepared snack or meal replacement that has only 6 grams of sugar, but contains 27 unique vitamins as well. The only downside to the product is that some might get sick of the same 4 flavors all the time, some reporting they disliked the strawberry flavor. It can also get expensive, but there are sales and bulk purchasing available for this product. Overall this is a time tested product that helps diabetics control their blood sugar and lose weight safely.

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