Standards used to be really low at the gym when it came to men’s gym clothes. Like, really low. Men used to turn up wearing whatever shabby clothes they could find on their floor, believing they could get away with it. And for a time, they could get away with it. After all, a gym used to be a place where you’d turn up on your own, keep yourself to yourself, work out, grunt, before returning home alone. No one would notice you, and if they did notice that hole in your trousers, they wouldn’t say anything about it. Because nobody talked back then.

These days, the gym is different. It’s more social; people buddy up; they meet new people, make new friends. Women have upped the ante in terms of style, which pretty much means that men have to follow suit. So if you’re still going to the gym in your 2002 sweater, you need to replace it with something new. Right now. Let’s take a closer look.