by Peter Franks

Arnold, in his hayday, was the strongest and biggest guy in the movies and on TV. He was a monster, and could lift a truck if he wanted to. He was in Predator, and in a ton of other movies, and in all of them, he looked like he could rip apart the alien with his bare hands.

It took him many years of training and hitting the gym, but all of his hard work paid off for him in the end.

But then he took a job as the governor of California, and while everyone thought he was a big joke, he actually did some good for the state.

But all of that time spent behind a desk did a number on his body. He went from a ripped movie star to a flabby fat guy with saggy skin.

How did this happen? Why would he let it get that bad? Is it really that hard to hit the gym every so often so that doesn’t happen?

After Getting Big, Your Gains will Go Away

While there’s definitely a thing called muscle memory that allows you to get big again in a fraction of the time a person doing it for the first time would see, you’ll still get smaller if you stop working out completely.

It kind of sucks to see your huge muscles deflate and turn to nothing, but it does happen, and it happened to Arnold.

And the worst part is that if you were really big, once you lose all of your muscles, your skin will be flabby and saggy, much like how a fat guy would look if he lost a lot of weight really fast.

So after all of that hard work, people will think you were just really fat! Yuck!

Using Supplements Can Help You Keep Your Gains

If you used to be big and don’t work out as much, you can keep your gains with a good supplement. Likewise, if you’re just an average lifter who’s looking to get bigger fast, the same rules apply. You can actually take the exact same supplement to see the same results.

A product that I recommend that Arnold has used and people have had great success with is called Nitro Genix 365. It’s a heck of a good product, and it’ll boost your testosterone levels so you see better gains and allow you to keep them, too.

Here’s a link to see the pricing of it.

I’ve had 98% of the people I tell to use this that it’s the best thing they’ve ever bought. Give it a try!

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