by Peter Franks
different kind of vegetables

If your friends are anything like my friends, they’re probably not too well-read on this subject, and they make even scoff at you for getting sucked into the hype train that is organic food. Because they don’t read as much as you on the subject, they continue to buy GMO fruit and vegetables, as well as junky processed food to fulfill the bulk of their diets. This will get them nowhere except an early grave, so it’s very important that you convince them that they’re making a mistake.

But if you need some help, here’s how you can get them on board with organic food, and how you can keep them on your side for good.

Explain that the price really isn’t that much higher

Obviously, processed food and GMO food receives serious subsidies to get their costs much lower than organic food. This isn’t fair, but leave that up to the politicians to fix the problem. It won’t happen anytime soon, but we can only hope, right?

But even still, the prices aren’t THAT much higher. On average, your typical fruit or vegetable is two dollars per pound or so in the GMO section. When you venture over to the organic section, that same fruit or vegetable will be roughly $2.50 per pound.

A 25% gain when you’re dealing such a low amount of money in the first place is hardly a reason to opt for the cheaper product. It just doesn’t make sense.

Chances are that you’re spending $5 per day on coffee, and when you think about an extra 50 cents for extremely nutritious food, it’s plain silly, and it’s a lame argument at best.

Explain the fact about pesticides and how they’re grown

Ever wonder why everyone washes their fruits and vegetables before eating them normally? This is because GMO companies spray the hell out of their products to ensure maximum profits.

You can understand this, but nobody likes chemicals on their food.

Organic food doesn’t have that problem, especially at the local level. When you’re buying organic food, they are not sprayed with harmful chemicals, and all you get is freshness!

Be careful: there may be bugs in there.

Explain how the lobby industry works

When they see cheap prices, explain how the food lobby groups pay to have labeling removed, pay to have awful and sometimes unproven chemicals passed as safe, and even have politicians endorse a specific type of GMO crop that’s coming out.

This kind of situation is not fair, and if you need to bribe someone to get your products in front of the average consumer, something isn’t right.

That should do it. Good luck, and hopefully they switch sides!

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