How to Know If You Have a Sexual Problem

by Peter Franks
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Are you feeling like you are not satisfying your partner enough in the bedroom? Does your libido not kick in as much as it used to? If you’ve been feeling this way lately, then the problem is most likely you, not them. 

We’ve probably all asked ourselves this one way or another, admit it or not: How do porn stars do it? How do they get their junk up and running all night? How the heck do they keep up at it for hours, when mine can’t even last 3 minutes? I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but we have definitely got a problem. A sexual problem. 



So how can I confirm that the problem is within and not because of my partner, you ask? Simple. It’s your organs that’s malfunctioning, not theirs. Here are some questions you can ask yourself for self-assessment:


  • Are you not able to hold an erection for too long? How to Know If You Have a Sexual Problem
  • Do you come too early? 
  • Is your wife not making you horny anymore? 

 Everything that was said above is common symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which in simple terms is your reduced ability (or in some cases, complete inability) to form boners and/or reach your climax. But fear not, you are not the only one experiencing this and science has some explanation for your issue. 


Causes of sexual problems

Before we jump over to the solutions for your problem, let’s find out which causes them. Men who have psychological and/or medical conditions, who smoke drugs and cigarettes, who consume alcohol, and men who are overweight are at the risk of getting erectile dysfunction, according to Intermountain Healthcare.

Some cigarette packets and ads also include impotence as a disclaimer, and if you haven’t seen them even once in your life, then that’s probably one of the reasons why you are even having this problem anyway. This “sexual problem” is actually a medical condition caused by not being able to maintain your body, by engaging in activities that are detrimental to our health. Even so, this may not be the case all the time. 


Spicing it up in the bedroom

If your problem is not on the health or medical side, then it might be associated with your

relationship instead. I’m guessing that most, if not all, have experienced being bored with their partner at one point or another. Believe me, I’ve been there too. This can also be a valid reason that you are having some sexual problems.

Sex is all about arousal, and being able to satisfy those feelings of arousal with some hot, mind-blowing intercourse. If you’re like me who likes to keep trying out new kinks and finding out what I like and don’t like, it’s best to communicate these ideas with your partner and see if they’re up for the things you want to experiment with as well. I found this very effective after I experienced “the slump” for about a month, but after that, I was able to explore more of my sexuality and overall satisfy both me and my partner. 

However, this solution is definitely not for everybody. It can be more than just a temporary bump in your relationship, especially as you grow closer and closer to your golden years. If you have been lenient regarding your health and have been smoking or drinking a lot, it is likely that those bad habits are the underlying cause of your inability to hold an erection. 


Seek professional medical advice

My initial suggestion would be to see a doctor. They will be able to recommend more specific steps to take after a check-up. I know there are definitely times when you really want to pop a boner but can’t, and this is where medications or male enhancement products can be a lifesaver. 


Start a healthier lifestyle

man running with earphonesIf you don’t want to spend your time and effort on a visit to the clinic, another suggestion would be to stop indulging yourself in your vices and swear to live a better and healthier life. If you still want in on some action, it is best to reconsider spending money on temporary bliss and invest in long-term benefits instead.

As you’re not able to have intercourse with your partner anyway, it’s probably better to spend time in other ways such as going on walks or runs at a nearby park or go to the gym and do a couple of exercises that suit your taste. Make the most out of your time with your partner as they are suffering the same as you with your lack of sexual activity with them. 


Take a break

Other things you can do is to manage your stress by taking a break once in a while to recuperate your mind and body. Sometimes, being stressed is what makes us fall into illness and it messes with our health. Take a moment to breathe and relax, and if it doesn’t work then there are medications that can help. 

As we have now identified the symptoms, causes, and some home remedies for your sexual problem, I really do hope that you now have a bit more knowledge than before you came across this article. Good luck with your future sexual endeavors, and always remember: When in doubt, talk to a professional.



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