Is It True That Testosterone Injection Can Double Your Penis Size?

by Peter Franks
injecting for enlargement

Many men nowadays turn to testosterone injection and think they have found salvation. Is taking a testosterone injection a good choice or a bad one? Well, luckily for you, this article will be answering all of the common questions related to testosterone injection.

So, let’s start with the basics.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is primarily a male hormone. I said primarily because women have it as well, only not as much as men do. Judging by that, it is logical that men have estrogen (primarily female hormone) in their bodies as well. 2

Testosterone is a very important hormone that regulates many different functions in our bodies. According to this medical research, these are the reasons why testosterone is so important:

  • Muscle growth
  • Bone strength
  • Interest in sex – Libido
  • Erectile function
  • Mood
  • Cognition

As you can see, the list is quite long, and it doesn’t end there. There are other functions that testosterone has that are related to diseases, but that would be going off today’s topic. You can check those functions in the previously mentioned research.

What are testosterone injections?

testosterone injectionAlthough this question says basically everything by itself, there are some things that need to be cleared out. Many people may think that taking a penis injection is equivalent to testosterone injections that athletes use to enhance their performance. You used to hear that testosterone injections are bad; why is this different?

Well, it is different because the dose of testosterone taken isn’t the same. You see, with these testosterone injections, you would be taking a specific dosage that only stimulates your hormones to work better and improve testosterone levels. Athletes do it manually by taking more testosterone that boosts their performance and helps them gain muscle mass, but that comes with a high cost, and it isn’t recommended.

When should you consider penis testosterone injection?

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. This is the general rule for everything in life, especially topics like this.

This is the health we are talking about. Taking a penis injection just so you can boost your testosterone levels up (with no problems whatsoever), will only harm your health.

Here are the cases when you should consider taking a testosterone injection. In other words, here are the symptoms of low testosterone levels:

  • Bad libido – Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low energy levels
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Depression
  • Problems with concentrating on things

In these cases, which all may include that you probably have low testosterone levels, you should consider taking a testosterone injection. Of course, before you do anything, you should talk to your doctor and probably run some tests. After his approval, testosterone injections may be a good thing for you, but we will talk more about that later in the article.

What are the side-effects of taking testosterone injection?

According to this thorough medical research, there are several possible side-effects of taking testosterone therapy. Based on this part of the previously mentioned research, the possible side-effects are:

  • May cause skin diseases
  • May cause liver tumor and liver toxicity
  • May cause breast cancer
  • May be responsible for sleep apnea
  • May cause gynecomastia

Another research has shown almost the same results as the previous one. This only means that you should approach testosterone injections with extreme caution.

Do testosterone injections work?

Well, it depends. People are different, and so is their response to this therapy; however, there are some facts that we can look into.

According to the research I have already mentioned, testosterone injection therapy does work in most cases. Here are the benefits of taking this hormone therapy:

  • Improved sexual desire
  • Improved mineral density in bones
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Improved strength
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved anemia

This list looks pretty good, but keep in mind the previous one talking about risks.

Are testosterone injections safe?

And now the most important question of them all. Is this therapy safe? Well, by using logic, you would think that it isn’t, right? I have already listed the possible side-effects and risks of testosterone injection therapy.

However, there is research conducted on this very topic. That same research also supports the answer to the previous question.

From its content, we can see that the subcutaneous injection of testosterone is effective and safe. However, since there are risk factors that I have already mentioned, you should first perform “safety tests” advised by your doctor, and then proceed.

So, take testosterone injections only if it’s necessary.

Can penis testosterone injection double the size of your penis?

And now, finally, we can come back to the main question of this article. It is easier to answer it now that we know a little bit of everything.

This is a very sensitive question, and people who don’t have problems with their sex organs shouldn’t even consider testosterone injections.

People with the micropenis problem, on the other hand, may find their answer here.

According to this medical research, there is evidence that testosterone injections effectively improved penis size in tested pre-pubertal boys and post-pubertal boys. This was research conducted on boys. The efficiency of this therapy for older men is questionable.

Should you take testosterone injections for your penis size?

showing off his manhoodAs this research says, you can’t increase the size of your penis using any methods whatsoever (referring to normal penis size). There is a solution – surgery – however, this isn’t recommended as it brings so much risk to the table. Avoid that by all means.

In other words, if you aren’t happy with your penis size, but your penis is healthy, don’t take testosterone injection. This therapy should never be taken lightly, especially not if you don’t have any health problems.

If you suffer from some of the previously mentioned symptoms that are related to low testosterone levels, taking testosterone injections could be a solution, among others.

So yes, there are other solutions when it comes to boosting testosterone levels. The most natural and healthy one is through food, as there are foods that boost testosterone levels naturally. Also, taking safe supplements like Male UltraCore can give you the desired effect without the side effects that come with the injections.

You should try every option first. If none of them has worked for you, then talk to your doctor, run some tests, and if he gives you the green lights – you may take the testosterone therapy. Only then it is okay. If there is nothing wrong, do not consider this.


As we could see from the research, penis testosterone injection can increase penis size in children suffering from the micropenis problem. There is still a question mark on how this works on older men with the same problem, but it is possible that it can also be effective.

People who aren’t pleased with their penis size, but have healthy penises, won’t get the effect they want by taking testosterone injection.

And that is everything for this article. I am quite sure that this article answered all of your questions related to this topic. Until next time!

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