Joint Juice – Can it be trusted to do the job you would hope?

by Peter Franks

It may seem hopeless when you delve into the world of natural herbs and look for a supplement to help you in life. There are far too many to choose from and you do not possibly have time to conduct thorough research. It is understandable that many people become flustered and confused when this task approaches and so to make things a little easier, we have gathered the information for you and made trustworthy reviews! How can you deny the knowledge gathered from clinical trials and facts which have been compiled to allow you to make the comparison with regards to  the holistic products of today? You can’t! And that is why you can trust us . . .

The product purpose

By providing your body with the nutrients and minerals it needs to stay strong Joint Juice is a drink that will help anyone suffering from joint pain, arthritis or osteoarthritis. Because most supplements come in pill from this product hopes to be a refreshing change. Made mainly from chondroitin – a plant-based substance – and sulfate, this is a natural approach that hopes to combat these discomforts and everyday issues.

Ingredients & formula

Joint Juice - IngredientsWithin this supplement are the following elements: Plus Glucosamine HCl (1,500 mg), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Chondroitin Sulfate and Tea.

Because Splenda is used as the sweetener, the manufacturers carefully make sure that there is no more than 25 calories per 8 ounces. You may also buy this in different flavors: cranberry, orange, pomegranate, and banana.

No side effects should be incurred. However, the plus in this product may cause minor and manageable heartburn and/or abdominal gas.


When you pay not very much for a product like $4.92, for example, it makes you wonder as to whether you are really getting the best quality and whether you should invest a little bit more into something that costs a little extra. However,you can enjoy a 30 day free trial with this particular product but you need to remember that the effects may only come around up to three weeks after consumption.

To conclude:

Joint painIf you want something that will have quicker effects and that has the backup evidence of clinical trials, the best and most advanced formula on today’s market is, in fact, Ultimate Man. This product is at an amazing price of just $19.95 when it previously retailed for $79.95 – saving you a jaw dropping $60! Grab it while you can! It is the number one leading brand and is the number one consumer choice of today. The ancient asian herbs have been traditionally used for centuries, not only to treat the likes of joint pain but also for things like nerve pain, depression and asthma. If this is not enough reason to opt for this product then we don’t know what is! If you are not satisfied with these results the only suggestion would be to make the most of the money back guarantee offered by the company!

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