Kama Sutra Sex Positions for Beginners

by Peter Franks

You must have heard or probably read about Kama Sutra A-Z positions from a friend or a magazine, but you probably haven’t tried out any of the styles. We are about to change that.


It’s easy for a novice to imagine that these sex positions are going to be awkward and specially made for those who are extremely flexible.


Actually, that’s not true, and you cannot deny the fact that the Kama Sutra positions have been the leading go-to sex positions for thousands of years. If it was impossible and complicated, then it would have been relegated to the wind a long time ago. The Kama Sutra sex positions are full of sex positions that are for couples that are tired of trying out the regular missionary style and want to spice up their sex life.


Although, you may feel as though Kama Sutra is all about trying out different sex positions, but in the actual sense, it is about getting deep into understanding life beyond penetration. It involves having a deeper connection with true pleasure and the purpose of life, success, and virtue inclusive.


Kama Sutra is all about getting entwined with the pleasures in life and having a good time embracing your sexuality through relationship dynamics and mind-blowing sex without restrictions.


So, the positions in Kama Sutra are just a way for you to openly express your sexual pleasure and celebrate sexuality. You can make use of Kama Sutra positions to re-shape your thinking on gender roles in sex. Because there are so many myths surrounding sexual expectations in sex.


Here are Kama Sutra sex positions that couples should try at least once, and they are also very easy to master.




Kama Sutra Sex Positions for Beginners

Most people don’t buy into the idea of having sex while standing, but this position can make you rethink that.

To get the best out of this sex position, you need to make sure that you are doing it the right way. You would need to lift your partner, and grab their butt firmly with your hands, and wrap their arms around your neck for support.

With this sex position, you can easily penetrate your partner deeply, while holding eye contact throughout the entire time. Plus, it also gives you a championship look in the presence of your partner, because c’mon, it requires strength to do this effortlessly.




This is a fairly common sex position, it is mostly known as the reverse cowgirl. In this position, you would have to lay flat on your back, while your partner straddles you, with their front-facing your feet. Your partner can then choose to go lower by holding your ankles and leaning forward.

This may sound quite easy, but it’s a tough position to achieve on the first try. But, that’s better, because now you have a reason to have sex multiple times.




This sex position is fairly easy to achieve, and it’s very possible that you probably haven’t thought about it. This position involves making your partner lean against the wall with their legs spread very wide, and you penetrate. This position would make your partner shorter because they would need to lower a bit, so if your partner is short, they may need to stand on something.

You may find this position weird, but it comes with a great feeling, plus think about all the eye contact and the fact that you can see your partner’s reaction with each thrust. Another bonus of this sex position is that it allows you to penetrate your partner deeply.




Kama Sutra Sex Positions for Beginners

Acrobatic sex doesn’t exactly mean that the sex would be incredibly enjoyable. This sex position is very comfortable and it is known to bring a very pleasurable feeling. The piditaka position is a laid back position, where your partner has to lie on their back with their knee drawn up to their chest. Then they proceed to rest their feet on your chest when you bend/kneel at their front. Then you raise their hips and place it on your thighs while you penetrate deeply into them. If you feel like, you can also lick/kiss their feet as a sign of devotion and tenderness.




This is the best position if you want a “quickie.” However, it doesn’t involve deep penetration but the fun is inevitable.

The Tripadam position requires that you and your partner stand while facing yourselves, and you place your hand on your partner’s knee and lift them off the floor, and penetrate them. This position would be easier if you are both the same height.

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