Katana V3 Review – Pre-Workout Powder

by Peter Franks
Katana V3 Review – Pre-Workout Powder

Katana V3 Review

Komodo Neutraceuticals is mostly known for their bodybuilding supplements made especially for those who want to know the details of what they are putting into their bodies. Komodo uses only the best ingredients possible with a strict quality standard. They tend to be widely known for their formulas that are created to increase strength, endurance, energy, and pump.

AmentoflavoneThe Katana V3 is special, however. Komodo has created Katana V3 to do all of these things. It’s brimming with ingredients aimed to bring you strength, endurance, pump, and energy and according to Komodo you will never need to rest from taking Katana V3 either. They state that this will be the only pre-workout supplement you’ll need. Always. Of course I am always a bit skeptical of statements like this, but they do have quite the impressive list of ingredients.

Starting with ingredients for endurance, Agmatine Sulfate is listed for this very purpose, as it aids in the improvement of glycogen storage. There’s also L-Citrulline to aid in aerobic endurance while also easing soreness, and then Peppermint Extract is added in to help with endurance and also to help prolong the time to exhaustion by 25%.

For strength they’ve added Amentoflavone to increase calcium release and enhance muscle contraction force.

Next we have pump ingredients. Like Agmatine Sulfate which is also for pumps and muscle fullness and Hydra-Vask to add volume to plasma and help increase the fluid in the blood stream. L-Citruline and Amentoflavone are also listed in the ingredients and help overall pump results.

Now we have another bunch of ingredients specifically for focus and energy. Caffeine will be the most beneficial ingredient when it comes to concentration and Cognizin is a great ingredient used here to help permeate the blood-brain barrier for better mind to muscle connection. And lastly we have L-Tyrosine and Amentoflavone which are also used for improved focus and energy.

Does this sound like something you may benefit from? If it does sound appealing to you, you’ll just need to mix one scoop with water and take it a half hour before working out.

Peppermint extractThe main benefit to Katana V3, in my opinion, is that it’s an all-in-one pre-workout formula, which is much easier to manage than a bunch of different supplements before workout routines.

In my research I’ve discovered several customer reviews that said they experienced drowsiness as a side effect and many mentioned the taste being unbearable, but neither seem to be a huge concern.

Katana V3 definitely seems to be worth a try, especially since they are an all-in-one deal. It’s a little bit on the pricey side, but nothing unaffordable. Overall I definitely recommend Katana V3 and think it’s a great choice if you need an all-in-one pre-workout solution. If you try it our and find it to be a positive experience, be sure to let us know. We’d love to hear about your experience too!

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