Maybe We Could All Use a Little More Prostate Massage

by Jeff Cans

The prostate isn’t exactly the unknown recesses of some unexplored land, but it does seem to be a misunderstood and mysterious part of the male anatomy.

        The prostate is a gland designed to produce a fluid that is a part of male ejaculate. It’s located near the rectum. You don’t need a map to find it. It’s right there. See? Not so mysterious.

        However, the prostate is also the source of the most common form of cancer in men — prostate cancer — and, therefore, there’s a lot of negative associations with the dear old prostate. Plus, there’s that whole first-prostate-exam thing when you’re older. No one’s looking forward to that. But here’s the thing. The prostate is also referred to as the male G-spot. And THAT is pretty awesome. Prostate massages can apparently lead to mind blowing pleasure, and who doesn’t want that. Plus there are other benefits to it. Let’s take a look.

Did you know that, while not empirically studied, there are theories that prostate massage could aid your erection?

        The theory goes that regular massage and milking of the prostate encourages blood flow to your penis. Erections are the result of blood flow, so better blood flow to that region can only mean better erections. Well, in theory anyway.

man with larger erection        The prostate is often associated with the flow of urine. As you get older your prostate — generally anyway — becomes enflamed and enlarges. This will often create issues with urine flow thanks to the location of the prostate near the bladder. But there’s hope! Regular prostate massage should keep the prostate from becoming enflamed.

        Furthermore, prostate massage also tends to massage the nearby pelvic muscles that are also associated with urine flow. Both of these benefit the expelling of urine. That’s a benefit as you get older. You don’t want to be peeing too often, and that can happen with an enlarged prostate. And massaging that prostate can help keep it down.

Generally, massaging the prostate helps with prostate inflammation.

        From prostatitis or symptoms such as painful ejaculation, having your prostate massage is a way to help that. It’s even believed to potentially lead to a lowered risk of prostate cancer.

Alright, alright — so there are health benefits to prostate massages. Great. But what about that mind blowing pleasure I mentioned earlier?

        Well, prostate massage leads to more intense orgasms — more intense than can be achieved through penile stimulation alone. In fact, it’s been shown that prostate massage is able to lead to male orgasm all on it’s own. This intensity is in association with pleasure, but also describes the length of time in which the orgasm takes place. Long, deeply pleasurable orgasms. You’re missing out if you’re not having your prostate massaged.

        Those prostate orgasms are dry orgasms. So, if you’ve ever found yourself jealous of women for being able to orgasm over and over again, you may have found your way to do that. It’s a slow expulsion of fluid rather than an ejaculation or explosion, so no rest or reload period needed necessarily.

Another potential benefit comes from sharing this practice with your partner.

        Don’t you think that your significant other gets a sense of pride and joy out of bringing their man to orgasm? You get a sense of pride out of doing it for her. It’s a two way street.

        Of course, don’t just throw this in their lap at when the mood strikes in the middle of some bedroom session. Talk about it first. Engage them about your own curiosity on the subject. This is an adventurous topic, and exhibits your willingness to try new things in bed — something that might also be right up their alley.

        So, talk it out. Tell her about the benefits — you want to bring up your pleasure, but also make a point of the more powerful erections. Open communication is the way to a healthy relationship, so you want to let her know all sides. Then, research some ideas for how to go about doing it. There are a number of toys out there specifically designed for prostate massage. In fact, manufacturers of these toys have seen amazing increases in sales in recent years, and google searches for the terms “prostate massager” have increased year-over-year.

man having more pleasure with partnerWhen you’re sex life does not include prostate play, you’re in control of everything.

        If you’re watching porn and playing with yourself, you have control over your pleasure. If you’re having sex with your partner, you’ve given up some autonomy, but you still maintain some level of control over your pleasure. But if you include prostate massage in your repertoire, you’re letting go. This can be deeply affecting in a relationship with someone. You’re handing over the reins to your own pleasure. You are allowing them to have significant control over your sexual experience. Furthermore, it allows you to try on a new perspective as a man, experiencing penetration. This of course is one of the many barriers that men have to the experience in the first place.

        The idea of having that sense of vulnerability, being penetrated, taking on an entirely submissive role in bed — that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, trying out that new perspective can significantly deepen your relationship with your partner. You’ll have shared a significant experience with one another and switched roles in a way that you had not — potentially – even thought of up to this point. It courages you to step out of regimented gender roles and experience something new.

While that may not be initially appealing, the potential health benefits and the deep, intense pleasure derived from prostate massage.

        Enjoying prostate massage and the experiences detailed above does not make you gay. That’s ridiculous. Prostate stimulation provides intense pleasure for you and your partner. Prostate massage is a deeply gratifying and satisfying experience for all men regardless of sexuality. You’ll be very pleased to add it to your sex life. And once you try it, it’ll be difficult to ever go back to just plain boring vanilla sex ever again.

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