by Peter Franks
workout using treadmill

Working out is the key to being happy, healthy, and living a long and fruitful life. There’s no other way to put it. If you don’t work out, you’ll feel worse, have no energy, and be put in an early grave.

This is just the way life is. We were meant to be active as a species, so sitting in one spot all day will not benefit your health.

So if you’re new to the gym and are looking to make the most of your experience there, as well as have a little bit of fun, here are some tips that will seem like magic:

#1 – Get a Good Weight Loss and Muscle-Building Supplement Routine

Before going anywhere, you need to start with the basics, and that involves getting a really good weight loss supplement and a really good muscle-building supplement. Using both of these at the same time will shed all of that gross fat, as well as promote a solid core of muscle building.

This is exactly what you’re looking for when you hit the gym, and you’re going to get there much faster with these two guys.

I’ve used a ton of supplements, and these two are my favoroties.

For Muscle Building: Nitro Genix 365

This product really builds up muscles fast, and you’ll notice an immediate growth after a few months or so.

For Losing Fat: Lipo Genix Elite

While they both have genix in the name, you’ll notice that these two supplements are very different, and both contain unique formulas that allow them to work at their own game. This will help you burn a ton of fat.

#2 – Go with a Good Split

A good split involves pretty of strength training and plenty of cardio. You rarely want to do cardio at the same time as your muscle exercises. This is because your muscles need a lot of calories to grow bigger. If you’re wasting calories on cardio, your muscles won’t have enough calories to use to grow.

This is very important!

This is perhaps the best key to working out, and it’ll save you a ton of time.

Just simply rotate your days, and this is called a split.

Monday, you can try doing back and biceps. Tuesday, you can throw in some cardio. Then Wednesday, you can do chest/triceps. Thursday, more cardio. Then Friday, you can end with a good legs/shoulders split.

This will be perfect, and you’ll notice immediate results!

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