by Peter Franks

Getting old sucks, and nobody wants to get old and not be able to do the things you’re used to doing normally. It makes you weaker, more tired, and less enthusiastic about doing rigorous activities that take a little bit of effort.

It’s a shame, but it’s bound to hit everybody. This is just one of the realities of life. You’re going to get old, and you’re going to die.

But it doesn’t have to be all bad. When you get old, there are ways to make sure you’re still in tip-top condition when you get there.

Of course, it’ll take a little bit of effort on your end to make it happen, but you’ll feel much better about yourself in the end.

Start By Being More Active

The problem that affects most people as they get older is that their bodies are not used to be active. This results in a body that becomes “rusty,” and you’re going to feel more beat up and bruised than ever before.

But if you are able to stay active and keep your body moving, you’ll be able to feel more awake and more in shape as your get older, and not have to suffer from “the Tin Man Syndrome.”

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning when you’re an 80-year-old and just feeling so refreshed and awesome that you could tackle the world. You probably don’t even feel like this now, but if you do this step, you could very well feel that way!

Get Used to Waking Up Earlier

As your body gets older, staying up late and waking up late are two things that will not help your situation. On top of that, being super lazy will only hurt your lifestyle even more.

If you’re lazy, you won’t get anything done in life, and you’ll just drift through it like a lump on a log.

Be proactive, and get out there and live!

Last but Not Least, Stop Eating Crap

You’ve probably seen old people at Wendy’s all the time, but this is not helping them one bit. What this is doing is cutting their already short lives even shorter.

All of that MSG and salt can’t be good for your body, and you’ll end up putting yourself in an early grave.

If you knock this off and start eating a balanced diet earlier, you’ll be able to fight off whatever disease you’re developing from eating this junk.

Veggies, lean meat, vitamins for life!

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