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A penis pump is a treatment option out of few for not being able to maintain or have an erection enough for sexual activity and this condition is referred to as erectile dysfunction. A penis pump has a tube made of plastic that is fitted just right over the penis, with a hand-operated or battery-powered pump coupled with the tube, and a band that holds the base of the penis when it is erect called the constriction ring.


A penis pump is also known as a vacuum erection device or a vacuum pump.


Why is it done?


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Erectile dysfunction is a common complication, particularly after surgery of the prostate and in much older men. There are some oral medications prescribed to fix erectile dysfunction, you can visit your doctor for confirmation on what type. Other forms of medication involve insertion in the tip of the penis, injections to the penis, or surgical implants.


A penis pump could be a good option regarding the side effects and dangers of some of these treatments.


Here are some reasons why penis pumps are good treatments for erectile dysfunction:


  • Penis pumps work effectively when used and practiced appropriately which will provide a sufficient erection for sex.
  • Penis pumps have much lower risks compared to other treatments. The disadvantages of side effects or issues are less compared to the disadvantages of any varying treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • It has a much lower cost. Utilization of a penis pump after the point of purchase is less expensive to maintain compared to any other erectile dysfunction treatment.
  • These pumps do not need any form of surgery, insertion of medicine, or injection in the penis.
  • Penis pumps work well with other treatments. A pump could be used alongside medicines or implants. For certain men, combining these treatments for erectile dysfunction give maximum result.
  • Using a penis pump can assist in you regaining erectile function after some approaches. For instance, using a penis pump will help boost your ability to have a natural erection after the prostate operation or radiotherapy for prostate cancer.





The potential risks involved in using penis pumps include:


  • You have a higher risk of bleeding if you consume blood-thinning medicines. These medicines include Coumadin, Jantoven, and Plavix.
  • A penis pump may not be entirely safe if you are a sickle cell anemia patient or have some other blood disorder. These medical complications could result in making you very likely to be influenced by blood clots or bleeding.


Ensure to visit a doctor and speak about all health conditions, observations, and medications you are on or were consuming, as well as herbal supplements. This will help in clear understanding and proper prevention of problems.


Side effects


The side effects of utilizing a penis pump include:


  • Petechiae (point sized red spots). This is as a result of bleeding beneath the skin surface of the penis.
  • Coldness, numbness, or pale blue-colored skin; could occur when the constriction band is in position.
  • Aching or bruising. Acquiring knowledge on how the penis pump works and using it correctly can enable you to use it with injury to your penis.
  • Feeling semen trapped. You may experience a feeling like your semen is blocked once you ejaculate, or ejaculation may be agonizing. Some producers create constriction rings with a little cutout which may assist with this issue.


Penis pumps possess certain other possible disadvantages:


  • Erections that do not feel natural. Penis pumps could give an erection that does not seem natural. That is, you might have a lack of strength at the base of the penis, which could result in the penis rotating or pivoting more compared to how it would with a natural erection.
  • Awkwardness. Using a penis pump needs understanding and patience from you and your partner. It may require a certain time to be comfortable with the device.
  • Manual coordination. Penis pumps need the use of hands and fingers to function, which some men or their partners find as a problem.


How to prepare before using a penis pump


applying face cream

Regarding your concern, it may be required for you to visit a doctor who is a specialist in the treatment of urinary and reproductive complications

To confirm whether a penis pump is the appropriate treatment option for you, the doctor may inquire about:


  • Current illnesses or past illnesses
  • Past injuries or surgeries you have had, particularly the ones involving your penis, testicles, or prostate.
  • The medicines you take, even herbal supplements
  • What other treatment options you have attempted and their effectiveness.

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