Is It Possible to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair?

Many people are asking this question and they find many answers for how to regrow hair online such as pills, tablets, shampoos, oils and vitamins just to name some.

For men, there is usually natural supplements, prescription drugs and surgery of which surgery is too costly and painful so most men don’t choose it. Surgery also doesn’t tell you why you have hair loss it just moves hair follicles from one spot to another. Since many men say surgery for growing hair isn’t a solution, they turn to prescription drugs or natural options instead.

What Hair Loss Drugs Are Available by Prescription?

Receding hairline treatments are a few of the pharmaceutical drugs that have offered good results. Some of which include Minoxidil and Finasteride. Information about these drugs includes:

  • Hair growth supplementMinoxidil is a popular ingredient that is used topically and also found in Rogaine. It can be gotten without prescriptions but it does have noted side effects including itching, irritation, scalp dryness, allergic reactions and even heart issues that can be serious.
  • Finasteride stops production for 5a-reductase. This is the enzyme that makes DHT from testosterone. Propecia is one drug that has Finasteride and it can only be gotten by prescription. There are many unhealthy side effects like difficulty breathing, rashes, swelling, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression and increased chance of getting prostate cancer (

These are some of the hair loss drugs that are available by prescription.

What Options Are There For Hair Growth All-Natural Supplements?

Natural hair growthSome people think there is not a perfect option for them for treating hair loss. There are various products you can get over the counter which many men have liked. These are products like Profollica and Provillus. Many of the beneficial OTC products have ingredients like specific nutrients, targeted amino acids and saw palmetto. Men have stated that products like named just above reverse hair loss or stop hair loss. These are products that don’t have harmful drugs or dangerous chemical so they provide only minimal or no side effects.

Some guys don’t think going bald is anything to worry about. If you want to stop hair loss or re-grow hair, there are product options for you. It is just a matter of figuring out which one to choose. It is a possibility that you can stop hair loss, re-grow hair and get fuller, healthier and thicker hair than before.

If you want to take an OTC product for growing back your hair hopefully this review can help.

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