Procera AVH Review- Will it work?

by Peter Franks
Procera AVH Review- Will it work?

Procera AVH Summation

The brain is responsible for numerous complicated functions. One of the most difficult is image – word linking such as when something seems just out of reach.

These difficulties can arise as an indication that the brain is aging or from many root causes including insufficient sleep; inadequate nutrition; lack of routine exercise.

When neurological issues crop up it is essential to begin addressing them as soon as possible. Left alone, they can worsen into a serious downward spiral.

Procera AVH was created by Brain Research Labs which asserts that its supplement can prevent and correct these types of disorders.

Joshua Reynolds and Dr. Robert Heller guide the research team at BRL. A scientific study was completed which addressed the effectiveness of Procera AVH in correcting filing cognition.

The study revealed that the ingredients in this formula can enhance memory and stimulate neural processes, at least to some degree.

Components and Actions of Procera AVH

proceraavh-ingredientsandfunctions-brainfogThree important properties work as a team to enhance cognition and expand memory.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is commonly added to supplement formulas as it increases blood flow in the cerebral cortex refreshing neural cells. It stimulates the synthesis of choline which destroys free radicals; intensifies cognitive processes; and boosts information retention.

Huperzine A is neuro-cell and neurotransmitter protective as well as reinforces cell membrane integrity. It boosts the ability to form, retain, and recall memories while powering learning processes.

Obtained from a specific species of moss, Vinpocetine is frequently included in supplement blends. It promotes neuro-cell development by streamlining nutrient and oxygen delivery.

The manufacturer states that 3 capsules are the optimal dose and should be consumed with food. It should not be taken, if there are less than six hours between the dose and bedtime.

Procera AVH Assets and Deficits


Procera AVH Assets  

There is scientific research to prove the effectiveness of each of the ingredients.

Brain Research Labs offers a monetary reimbursement to customers who are not satisfied.

The Australian research studies of Procera AVH are published online for review.

Procera AVH Deficits

This supplement manufacture was sued and had to pay a settlement over false advertisement claims about this specific formula.

The scientific community does not approve of the small size of the Australian trials which were conducted.

There are several reviews from unsatisfied consumers posted online.

Procera AVH has been discovered to cause increases in blood pressure.

While the company freely states the ingredients, it does not provide amounts for its proprietary blend.

Where to Buy It

Users can order Procera AVH from a wide range of vitamin and health websites as well as Amazon or GNC.

They can also place an order on at a cost of:

Bottle of 60 – $34.95

Bottle of 90 – $49.95

3 Bottles at 90 Each – $139.95

End Note

Procera AVH is not thought to be a wise purchase as the negative aspect far outweigh the positive. The supplement makers were forced to pay court rendered settlements for falsely advertising the efficiency of this particular formula. The number of bad user reviews, especially those concerning its effects on blood pressure are cause for caution.

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