A Product Review of Gold Standard 100 Whey

by Peter Franks
burning burning on your muscle

Introducing Gold Standard 100 Whey

This product, as its name implies, is made of 100 percent whey protein. Basically, whey is protein that originates from milk. 70 percent of milk is actually makes up whey. Thus, whey protein is easily accessible but quite valuable as a form of protein essential for bodybuilding purposes. Moreover, whey protein isolates are the kinds of whey protein from milk that are totally pure. While these are pricey, they generate better results. That’s why this supplement has ‘gold’ in its name, because whey protein isolates are like gold in terms of its premier quality.

How Gold Standard 100 Whey Function

preview-full-shutterstock_233876893It is only natural that your body requires more nutrients after exerting force and energy during training. This is because the cells have used all foods and its nutrients that were previously stored. Many athletes however turn to fast foods to fill up their hungry stomachs, which ends in them binge eating. Obviously, this is not good. To rectify this, Gold Standard 100 Whey comes into the picture. The supplement has branch chain amino acids or BCAAs that the body crucially requires after a workout. When consumed as a form of drink, the nutrients in the product are assimilated into the body during the time when it’s needed. This then enables the cells to work efficient thanks to the excess supply of BCAAs. With this, you’ll be able to achieve your desired mass gains in a short period of time.

What are the Components?

As mentioned, the supplement’s key component is whey protein isolates. These are supported by high-quality, carefully-filtered whey protein concentrates that serve as bases where the whey proteins are initiated with to be on its way into the bloodstream. The rest of the components are as follows: glutamine, glutaminic acid, leucine, isoleucine and valine, which serves as the BCAAs.

Duration for the Visibility of Effects

It is claimed that Gold Standard 100 Whey produces immediate results, which are usual in supplements like this one. The reason for is because the cells are able to function in excellent environments without experiencing nutrient deficiency. In many instances, products like this allow the cells to fully function using excess supply of nutrients, so growth is accelerated.  This abundance in nutrients aids in the quick recuperation process after a workout, so the cells don’t need to undergo insufficiency of nutrients.

What are the Product Features?

preview-full-shutterstock_232395337This supplement helps you recuperate quickly from your workouts

It refills the supply of creatine and glutamine in your muscles

With Gold Standard 100 Whey, you feel enhanced power in your muscles, as well as stamina, which is much needed to perform better

The supplement helps you last longer and prevent you from being highly worn out

What are the Precautions and Health Reminders?

It is always wise to see your doctor and ask for his/her advice before taking any supplements. This is to rule out any possibility of any interactions with prescription drugs or other supplements. The company also says that Gold Standard 100 Whey is not recommended for women who are expecting, breastfeeding or those planning to conceive. Should you encounter any side effects, it is advised to stop taking the product right away. Do not go beyond the suggested dosage. Don’t let kids near this supplement to avoid accidental consumption. Gold Standard 100 Whey is rich in protein, so it’s also possible that you feel bloated, have skin rashes, discolored urine, constipation and even acne.

Scientific Research, Prescribed Quantity and Price

On the website, there wasn’t any mention of clinical studies performed to test Gold Standard 100 Whey’s efficiency. The company behind the supplement however has listed all information about the supplement for customers’ reference. Gold Standard 100 Whey has been in the market for a long time and thus far there aren’t any serious grievances. This only implies that the supplement works and is safe to use. A single pack of Gold Standard 100 Whey has 30 servings for a price of $30. Suggested dose daily is 2 servings.

What Users Have to Say?

As for reviews, there are many and most of them testify to the product’s efficiency. The positive feedbacks cite effectiveness and its delicious taste. Furthermore, Gold Standard 100 Whey has been reported by users to be effective in alleviating pain and soreness after intense training. There are poor reviews as well, mainly citing about difficulty mixing the product.

Bottom Line

Overall, Gold Standard 100 Whey seems to be worth considering since most customer reviews point out its efficiency in delivering its promises. This includes increased energy and endurance, as well as improving the body’s ability to recover quickly after undergoing an intense training. With this, Gold Standard 100 Whey helps in getting you a lean, muscular body while also maintaining your overall health. Users just have to be cautious since this is mostly composed of protein and ingesting too much protein can also bring adverse effects and even serious health risks. Just be sure that you read and understand the precautions and warnings indicated on the website, so you can avoid any potential problems. It is also important to follow the directions in using Gold Standard 100 Whey. Misuse of anything can always lead to problems.


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