A Product Review of Maxx NO: Is it Safe & Effective?

by Peter Franks

Getting to Know Maxx NO

This nutritional product is said to be a cutting-edge formulation that’s intended for muscle development. As a muscle-growth supplement, it is touted that it is composed of harmless and efficient components to deliver a nitric oxide increase into your system. These components are also said to be effectual in boosting your stamina, improving your strength, and optimizing your muscle gains. For these reasons, the company behind Maxx NO says that their supplement is an advanced development in the world of muscle building technology thanks to the positive effects Maxx NO can produce. This product provides easier means to form your body into a leaner and more toned physique.

 Understanding How It Functions

The components in the supplement are being purported to have undergone meticulous tests and evaluations to guarantee that they’re pure and safe. These said ingredients act as muscle activators and vasodilators. The official site of Maxx NO however did not elaborate on what muscle activator really mean. As for the vasodilator, this means the dilation of the blood vessels for better flow of blood and oxygen.

The components in Maxx NO’s formulation are as follows:


Vitamins B3, B6, and B12




Green Tea Extract


Maxx NO’s website indicated that the components in the product are part of a maintained release formulation that aims to optimize the absorption of nutrient, so that your body becomes more endowed with lean muscle mass. The ingredients in Maxx NO also boost growth hormone levels and control the metabolism of glucose. These are just some of the health gains that you can enjoy from using this supplement, as claimed by its manufacturer.

For you to personally obtain these health gains, Maxx NO’s company recommends intake of 1-2 capsules of the product in the morning at breakfast. Then another intake of 1-2 capsules at lunch. Drink lots of water. It is said that by doing so you should expect to feel the effects when it comes to strength within only 15 minutes.

Naturally women are into men masculine looks and how else to look masculine than by adding some muscle mass? If you have the muscles and then the sex drive and stamina, it’s like getting the whole package. But can Maxx NO really help you achieve these benefits as it promises? We don’t think so. Read on to know why.

Are the Components in Maxx NO Effective?


The real answer to this query depends on your definition of “effective”. Supplement View said that the ingredients glutamine, vitamins B3, B6, B12, chromium and green tea extract does not possess adequate scientific proof that they’re effectual for muscle building, increasing sex drive, and enhancing athletic functions, as asserted by Maxx NO’s company.

On the other hand, arginine and yohimbine have been demonstrated to be kind of efficient for curing erectile dysfunction. Just don’t consume over 5 grams of arginine each day and it should be only taken for a brief span of time. Prolonged intake could have medical repercussions that aren’t positive. Also, l-carnitine could deliver circulatory gains to some people just as long as you don’t consume more than 1,500mg each day. Consumption of this could also trigger minor adverse effects like nausea and stomach discomfort.

Analyzing Maxx NO’s Assertions & Advertising Tactics

preview-full-exercise (1)

Since they cannot clinically prove that neither their supplement nor the ingredients in it can perform what they’re claiming, Maxx NO’s company resorts to advertising ploys that take advantage on the customers’ desire for a leaner and a more toned body. This means that they target the buyers’ emotions and intentionally stops them from having an informed decision. They do this by saying that they’ve been featured on Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Health, though if you check this online you cannot find any third-party verification about the veracity of their claims.

Also, Maxx NO says it delivers clinically proven outcome and that the supplement is highly recommended by top athletes and personal trainers, but there’s no reference to show that this is true.

Back to how Maxx NO catches your attention by tugging your emotions, their website has an image of a guy lifting weights in the left-hand part of the page and he’s so ripped. It makes you want to look like him instantly. Then you’ll be informed that because Maxx NO is very effective that so many people are buying it and thus, there may be issues with their supply. It has the text: “As of (date today) we do have a limited supply IN STOCK and ready to ship within 24 hours.” If you’re not familiar to these gimmicks, it’ll make you feel that you’re missing out on something good and that you may never get another opportunity, so you go for it. Then as you proceed, you learn that you can get a free trial by only paying the shipping and handling fee.

Maxx NO Cost & How to Discontinue Free Trial

Maxx NO is offered for a 14-day trial, which begins on the date your order is made. You just have to cover the $4.95 shipping fee. You will then get a 30-day supply of Maxx NO after registering.

As soon as your trial expires, your credit card will be automatically charged with $84.57 for the initial 30-day supply that you received. Subsequently you will be registered in their autoship plan, so that you continue receiving a 30-day supply of Maxx NO per month. Of course, your credit card will be charged $84.57 with every delivery of your new supply.

Remember, based on the information on Maxx NO’s site, it will take approximately 5 days for the product to delivered at your home. This means your free trial is not for 14 days, it’s roughly for less than 10 days for you to try the product and return it to the company before the trial period ends. Plus, several companies need you to return the bottle back to them and it needs to be returned before the 14-day period ends. If you can do this before the trial expires, that’s the time your trial can be cancelled. If not, you will be charged for the full price, which is $84.57.

On the other hand, we can’t verify this policy as of this writing because the link for the Terms and Conditions on the product website is not working.

Still, we strongly recommend that you should avoid dealing with products that are only available through free trials with subsequent autoship enrollments.

For cancellation of your trial, call the customer support at (800) 835-4179.

Bottom Line: Is Maxx NO the Real Deal?

The components in this supplement are not clinically proven to provide the benefits the company is claiming. Plus, it is only available through a free trial and a subsequent autoship program enrollment, which is not really a good sign. Generally, we think that its high price of more than $80 cannot be justified by what the product can truly provide, or whether it can really provide anything at all.


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