Does Profactor Performance Surge Work?

by Peter Franks

General Idea

Profactor Performance Surge is a dietary product that is loaded with natural components mixed in one proprietary blend. The said blend is touted to be potent in boosting testosterone levels, facilitate fat elimination, improve muscle mass and force, as well as help increase libido and achieve greater performance in bed.

To achieve all these amazing benefits, Profactor Performance Surge’s company says you only need to take two capsules of this supplement one time each day. If you do, you’re guaranteed to experience greater muscle mass, leaner body, and better sexual performance, as claimed by the supplement’s maker. All these are said to be achieved without any harmful ingredients.

What are the Claimed Benefits?

preview-full-ScreenSnapz3-e1311758603590As you can notice, Profactor Performance Surge’s manufacturer has no problem with sharing all its claimed benefits. The only problem is that they forgot to let us know how these assertions can be achieved. As a matter of fact, there’s no product label, which means that there’s no comprehensive list of components along with their respective doses. Surely, most, if not all customers would want to know what they’re consuming and putting in their bodies.

Generally though, testosterone enhancers usually use DHEA, tribulus terrestris, and fenugreek. Even as some of these components can be efficient for curing erectile dysfunctions, it’s not the same thing when it comes to increasing testosterone. Also, these ingredients don’t have sufficient scientific evidence proving that they work. There have been some studies conducted, but they’re not enough to reach conclusive results.

Profactor Performance Surge Cost

Profactor Performance Surge, just like other testosterone boosters, is available through a 14-day free trial. For a month supply of the supplement, you only need to pay $5.95 to cover for the shipping and handling fees. But after the trial ends, you will be billed $79.95, which is Profactor Performance Surge full amount.

After this, you will be enrolled in their membership or autoship plan, so that you can automatically receive a monthly supply of Profactor Performance Surge. With this, your credit card will also be automatically billed $79.95 every delivery.

Moreover, Profactor Performance Surge provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, less shipping and handling, plus a $20 restocking fee. But if you read their Terms & Conditions section, you will learn that refund is only applicable if you haven’t been charged for the 14-day trial yet.

To discontinue your registration into their autoship plan, you need to contact their customer support at 877-611-9066. You’re also required to call at least a week before your next delivery is set to be transported.

Is Profactor Performance Surge the Real Deal?

preview-full-shutterstock_270888569It’s a well-known fact that dietary products aren’t controlled by FDA. This only constitutes to supplement manufacturers having unlimited freedom to say whatever they want to say about their products’ features and capacities without some sort of liability and scientific studies and proofs.

Companies show statistics showing their product’s claimed potency, but without any proof to verify their numbers. At the very least, customers need to see any references in order to believe them.

Moreover, there’s no product label in Profactor Performance Surge. It would be bizarre to take a supplement with ingredients and doses we have no idea about. After all, supplements go into our bodies and it is our business to know what the contents are of such products. Aside from this, it is also hard to gauge a supplement’s effectiveness and side effects with no product label.

It is also important to consider that testosterone boosters, in general, don’t really have very good feedbacks online. Most of the time, customers aren’t satisfied with their results, citing ineffectiveness as their main complaint. There are also several grievances with regards customer support of the companies behind these products because it’s difficult to cancel free trial and autoship enrollments, as well as request refunds.

However, this doesn’t apply to all brands. So, it doesn’t mean that you’ll experience the same thing with Profactor Performance Surge. Still, it is worth mentioning to help you become more cautious before proceeding with your purchase.


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