Progene Review – Does it Work?

by Peter Franks
Progene Review – Does it Work?

Progene Review

It’s a pretty well known fact that once men hit twenty years old they will begin to lose testosterone for various different reasons. It’s unfortunate, but true. A few things factor into this from age to stress to depression, making it much more difficult for the body to produce testosterone. And testosterone not only affects sexual performance, but it also affects your overall mental clarity, stamina, and energy. Which is why it’s important to add testosterone to your body some other way, like a supplement. Supplements are easy and effective ways of getting some testosterone back into your body.

progenereview-jamaicangingerrootProgene is an all-natural supplement that claims to enhance your sexual performance and function with ingredients such as Tribulus (increases testosterone production) and L-Arginine and DHEA (also testosterone precursors). Along with these main ingredients you’ll also find ginseng, long jack, straw extract, Jamaican ginger root, Saw Palmetto berry, and Lycopine, in addition to vitamins and minerals.

Before I get into some other things about Progene, I just wanted to note that there are many products on the market that contain something called yohimbe which has one too many negative side effects, especially for me. But Progene actually does not use yohimbe, so I give them some credit for eliminating that ingredient in their product. Now, to get into what I personally think of Progene. Well, I have to be honest … I didn’t notice an increase in, well, pretty much anything. Not in energy or strength, stamina or mood. Nothing.

Perhaps I felt the ever so slightest change in my overall mood, but nothing sexually. Nothing while working out. Nothing during the day with energy levels or focus. And there are few pills that make me feel as little of a reaction as this one did. Besides, if you ask me, Progene is priced a little too high for poor results like this.

progenereview-mentalclarityI have read other testimonials that revealed better outcomes than what I experienced, but I don’t know if I’d recommend this. Personally, I’ve had much better supplements that are ten times more effective and also not as expensive. I’m even willing to pay a good hefty amount for something if it works well, but this doesn’t live up to the promise.

Also, it’s one thing that I feel it didn’t really increase testosterone, but I’m not sure I like that they recommend that you don’t use their product if you are a professional athlete or even at a NCAA level because of the DHEA, which is a hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands. This hormone is banned from professional and college level sports for its potentially damaging side effects. Obviously I can’t recommend this to someone given these factors, but if you have personally tried it and have found different results, please let me know. I would love to hear about your more positive experience with Progene as I’m always curious how and why things work differently for others!

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