Prostanol Review: Is it a hoax?

by Peter Franks
Prostanol Review: Is it a hoax?

Prostanol Investigation

Prostanol developed a supplement by the same name to provide aging men with an herbal remedy for prostate problems. It is made to promote and support prostate tissue cells. It is said to correct the size of an enlarged prostate without the addition of erectile dysfunction that prescription medicines frequently cause.The company says it is to bring relief of the symptoms of prostate ailments that aging males face today. They also claim that this combination of herbs can essentially treat problems like prostate cancer, BPH, and prostatitis.Prostanol manufactures claim there is not a stronger herbal treatment than theirs and it is equivalent to the effectiveness of prescription drugs created to remedy these disorders.

Prostanol Components and Functions

Prostanol ComponentsStinging Nettle has been providing health benefits to the Asian community for hundreds of years. It can correct many of the uncomfortable as well as painful symptoms of prostate disease. While this agent has the power of prescriptions, it does not create the same sexual dysfunctions as its counterpart.Certain chemical agents in Pumpkin Seeds are powerful therapeutic properties ease urinary difficulties that go along with prostate disease such as an inability to urinate fully by increasing its flow.Lycopene is a potent red pigment carotenoid that the medical community strongly promotes to prevent cancer growth, especially of the prostate. This anti-oxidant is obtained from tomatoes and is one of the most effective weapons in the natural arsenal against oxidative stress.A newly discovered fact about zinc is that its absence may raise the risk of prostatic cancer development. Many men diagnosed with cancer of the prostate had extreme zinc deficiencies.Information listed on the Prostanol package and insert states that 2 gel-caps is the equivalence of a daily dose and it warns against consuming more than this in a single day. It also recommends that this supplement is taken with a full stomach or with food.

Positive and Negative Elements of Prostanol

Prostanol Investigation

Positive Elements of Prostanol

There are intense clinical trials for each of the ingredients that go into this blend.

This blend consists only of all-natural compounds and contains no harsh chemicals.

There is a discount offered by just about all of the websites which provide ordering for multi-bottle purchases this supplement.

Prostanol offers consumers a 60-day monetary reimbursement reassurance.

This is not one of the exceedingly pricier versions.

Negative Elements of Prostanol

Not many supplement websites have posted good consumer feedback about the use of this herbal formula.

No data from scientific research studies on the end product can be found.

The monetary reassurance has a limit of 60 days.

Where to Get It

Prostanol may be ordered from or a wide selection of vitamin shop and supplement storefront websites. One package of 60 gelatin capsules can cost in the range between $25 and $40 and supplies users for 30 days.

Final Judgement

This is not the wisest of choice for prostate protection for a number of reasons. There is no scientific data backing the end product. Unhappy consumer feedback is readily available and this company only offers a limited 60-day refund.

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