Prostate Defense Review: Are the claims true?

by Peter Franks
Prostate Defense Review: Are the claims true?

Prostate Defense Inquiry

Prostate issue affect about half of the male population and approximately 17% of those from the United States are at an increased risk of prostate cancer. While all men need to take note and care of their own health, they should concentrate a certain amount of that care of their prostate.Polyuria is one of the most common prostate issues and urine dripping is one of the most annoying symptoms. There are a number of steps which can be taken to reverse the effects of this condition as well as properly protect the prostate.North Star Nutritionals manufacture Prostate Defense claims that this formula is the most powerful prostate protection on the planet. They say that they hand-picked the ingredients to not only promote prostate health, but to address is without the erectile dysfunction issues caused by many of the prescription medications on the market.

Properties in Prostate Defense and their Mechanisms

Prostate Defense PropertiesOne of the properties often recommended for prostate issues such as BPH is Saw Palmetto. It can diminish the size, if enlarged, and treat difficulties of urination.Stinging Nettle is known in the scientific world as Urtica Dioica. It has been used to address prostate problems for centuries. This is due to its ability to decrease symptomatic incidences and is blended with Saw Palmetto to alleviate the pain.Japanese researchers performed experiments to examine the potential of Pumpkin Seed oil. It demonstrated the capacity to not only treat urination difficulties and frequencies, but promote healthy sleep through the night.Pygeum Africanum acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces the frequency of nightly urination. It is derived from the bark of a specific African plum tree and has been used by the indigenous cultures there to support men’s health. Lycopene is commonly recommended to protect the prostate from cancer and vitamin E is a scientifically known anti-oxidant in general. The combination is commonly found in nutritional supplements for all sort of health goals.

Prostate Defense Upsides and Downsides

Solution of prostate issues

Prostate Defense Upsides

All of the ingredients in the formula have been singly investigated.

A great deal of praise can be found from consumers for the use of Prostate Defense.

Dissatisfied customers are offered a money back guarantee from North Star Nutritionals.

Prostate Defense Downsides

The post market combination has not been examined.

There are also negative customer comments about this product.

Those sensitive to Saw Palmetto have experienced headaches from consuming this product.

Order Location

North Star Nutritionals offers ordering on its official website. Consumers can also visit or a wide range of supplement distributor websites to make a purchase. One bottle costs about $40, contains 120 capsules, and is supposed to last 30 days.


There are a few negative reviews for Prostate Defense; however, they seem to be most predominantly from users who may be allergic to Saw Palmetto. Most of the feedback is high praise. The combination has not been scrutinized, but the ingredients themselves have. The makers provide a refund in the event that users are not happy. All of this seems to indicate that it has protective potential so long as consumers are not sensitive to Saw Palmetto.

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