Prosvent Review: Is it the real deal?

by Peter Franks

Prosvent Investigation

Scientific reach has discovered that a whopping 30 million guys today are being treated for one of the many prostate diseases. About 8 in every 10 are dealing with enlargement of the prostate. Prosvent is a formula which was designed to answer this plight. The list consists of prostatic cancer, acute prostatitis, and benign prostate hyperplasia. The manufacturer claims that it is for any male whether they are being treated for a prostate issue or wish to protect theirs from such conditions. The Prosvent team is led by a Harvard Medical School alumnus named Dr. Larry May.It is their assertion that the formula is not only for the protection of the prostate, but to bring some relief to the symptoms associated with these various diseases. They further claims that it can be used to actually treat and correct them. The say there is no supplement more powerful than Prosvent.

Prosvent Components and Functions

Prosvent Review: Is it the real deal?Beta-Sitosterol is a member of the phytosterols family derived from plants. It can kick the libido up a notch and produce shrinking actions of the prostate.Saw Palmetto has long been known for its prevention in prostatic cancers related to hormones. It too causes prostate shrinking actions.Stinging Nettle supports a healthy prostate and has demonstrated an amazing ability to simultaneously improve prostate enlargement five ways. It has been used in Asian medicine for thousands of years and is a popular ingredient in male enhancement supplements. Pygeum Africanum is an African plum tree and its bark contains properties to prevent progress in carcinogenesis as well as relieve many of the annoying symptoms that prostate issues bring.A derivative of Pumpkin Seed has been popular in scientific circles lately. In a study performed in Hungry it was revealed that an enlarged prostate could be reduced by 1/3 with its help. It also prevents specific hormones from being converted further protecting the prostate.

Vitamin D inhibits cancer growth in the prostate.Lycopene is an extremely common ingredient in men’s health supplements due to its oxidative stress battling properties.Scientific testing has found that those diagnosed with prostate disorders frequently have zinc deficiencies as well.Consumers are told to take 1 tablet twice daily for best results.

Positive and Negative Elements of Prosvent

Prosvent Review: Is it the real deal?

Positive Elements of Prosvent

The efficacy and use of this supplement have received excellent reviews.

The efficacy of each ingredient has been approved by the scientific community.

Formula was created with the guidance of a Harvard alumnus.

Within 30 days of purchase consumers may ask for reimbursement.

Negative Elements of Prosvent

There are no studies on the formula to review.

Numerous customers have posted complaints about the supplement.

Consumers only have a month to decide if they are satisfied.

This supplement is one of the more expensive in its class.

Where to Get It

Customers can visit the company website or Amazon to order Prosvent. A large selection of other supplement companies offers it as well. A 1-month supply of 60 capsules can be obtained for $60.

Final Thoughts

While each component has been scrutinized, the resulting formula has not. Numerous consumers are completely satisfied; however, many are not. This may be due to the high cost or the small window of 30 days to request monetary reimbursement. There are many other supplements of this kind on the market which would be better purchase options.

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