A Review of Aspercreme: Is it Harmless and Effectual?

by Peter Franks
women suffering from back pain

Defining Aspercreme & Its Function

This particular product is a topical salicylate cream that’s intended for treating minor pains brought by arthritis, as well as minor back pains, strains and joint and muscle-related aches. Aspercreme claims to possess anti-inflammatory traits that lessen the swelling of the muscles and joints that are in pain. It fills and spreads immediately into the affected parts of the body. Its soothing and relieving effects are said to be potent that enters deeply, so you feel comfortable for a significant period of time.

About the Company

This topical solution is produced by Chattem, Inc., which is under Sanofi Company.

What are the Components?

The primary and active component present in the product’s formula is Trolamine Salicylate (Topical Analgesic, 10%). Other components are as follows:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerin


Mineral Oil

Potassium Phosphate


Stearic Acid



Clinical Research on Components

While its manufacturer claims that the components in Aspercreme’s formulation have been clinically substantiated to be effectual, there was no elaborate information on this aforementioned clinical research.

Proper Use of the Product


Just remember to use Aspercreme depending on how your physician directs you to use it. Always read the label to know the specific directions for application. Basically you can use Aspercreme generously on the parts of your body that experience pain. Massage the spot until Aspercreme is scrupulously soaked up into the skin. It’s not recommended to wrap the spot unless your doctor says so. After using the topical cream, wash your hands, unless you’ve used Aspercreme on your hands. This product could be used more than once if deemed needed, but remember to not use it more than four times per day.

In the case that you’ve failed to do the suggested dosage, use Aspercreme immediately then continue its application as instructed by your healthcare provider, or as stated on the package.

Safety Precautions & Health Reminders

Only use Aspercreme as directed

Don’t ever get this product into your eyes and the mucous membrane

It’s better to consult your doctor prior to using it, or if you’ve gotten some adverse reactions

Aspercreme is not for kids younger than 10 years old

It’s not ideal for open wounds or skin lesions

It is better to not wrap the affected area being treated or avoid using heating pads alongside Aspercreme

Make sure the parts being cured with the product are not directly exposed to the sun

What to Remember Prior to Use

preview-full-arthritis-painIt is advised that you check with your healthcare provider before proceeding to Aspercreme use. This is crucial to make sure that you’re clear of other medical problems, since underlying health issues may interact with the application of the product. For example, women who are expecting should be careful with the use of the product and a doctor’s consultation is advised. Remember that only a small quantity of this cream can already be soaked up and delivered into the bloodstream. So, the ingredient Salicylate is not advised or can cause contraindication when pregnant.

Nursing moms should also be cautious with using Aspercreme. As said earlier, a little quantity of the cream can lead to systematic absorption, hence there’s the possibility for Reye’s Syndrome brought by the presence of oral salicylates.

Parents and guardians should also be extra careful when using Aspercreme for kids under the age of 12. It is important to note that continuous and too much use of Aspercreme could trigger systemic toxicity.

Medical Issues Aspercreme Can Address

This particular product is said to be intended for aches and swelling related with arthritis, joint and muscle aches, backaches, sprains, and strains. It can also be used to address chronic pain.

Health Warnings & Adverse Reactions

If you have an allergy to any of the components listed, specifically if you are sensitive to such ingredients as salicylates and aspirin, it’s better to ask your doctor first if you’re good to proceed with the use of Aspercreme. Since allergies may take place, be extremely cautious and be observant to serious symptoms of allergic response. This includes rashes, hives, and struggle in breathing, as well as chest tightening, face swelling, mouth or tongue.

Aspercreme is for external application only, so do not apply it near your eyes, mouth and nose.

If you think the pain has only worsened and nothing happens even after using Aspercreme for over a week, discontinue use and go see your doctor immediately. Also consult your physician if the pain disappears and then happens again after only a few days. Observe for symptoms of irritation such as redness, tingling feeling, skin ulcers and burns.

In the event that Aspercreme is inadvertently ingested by a child, go to the hospital ASAP or get medical aid from the Poison Control Center.

Customer Reviews/Feedbacks

Mostly users think Aspercreme is efficient and convenient to use. It’s non-greasy, too, so you should be comfortable applying this on your skin. Since it’s not scented, this means you can apply Aspercreme anywhere and anytime. You won’t be bothered by any strong odor that can be embarrassing when used outside.

Since most of the feedbacks are positive, it only testifies the claims made by company about its product. It shows that Aspercreme works in treating and giving relief to backaches and other minor kinds of pain. One notable customer feedback was how the user was satisfied with the Aspercreme that he uses it on his knees before going on a hike or after his cycling activity so that there’s no pain and the inflammation is prevented.

On the other hand, there were also some negative comments, saying the use of Aspercreme left some sort of smoldering feel on the skin where it was used. Just as long as you’re certain that you have no allergy to Salicylates or to any other components listed, you should be okay with using Aspercreme.

What About Clinical Study Performed on the Product?

While the manufacturer claims that this product is clinically tested and verified, there are no elaborate details with regards the claimed studies that were said to be conducted to support the company’s assertions.

Bottom Line

Though there are no clinical studies to see and review, there are several positive feedbacks supporting the company’s claims about their product’s safety and efficacy. Many reviews said Aspercreme really works in addressing minor aches caused by arthritis, back pains and it can even treat chronic pains. In fairness to the official site, there’s comprehensive information about Aspercreme such as its functions, components, adverse reactions and the safety precautions and warnings that need to be remembered and observed while using the product. Aspercreme is also ideal for those who are looking for a go-to pain reliever for the joints and muscles without leaving a strong scent on the skin since this particular topical cream is non-scented. To make sure that you’re also feeling comfortable with every application, Aspercreme is non-greasy. Overall, Aspercreme is an effective pain reliever that is also backed by many positive customer reviews. If others liked it, there’s a high chance you will, too.


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