A Review of Cogni Lift: Is it Safe & Effective?

by Peter Franks

Cogni Lift Overview

preview-full-shutterstock_85749190Cogni Lift is a cognitive enhancer that claims to help boost your memory, concentration and the speed in which the brain can process information. With regular intake of this supplement, you can think at a more accelerated rate, you get to have more vivid dreams and your alertness is substantially augmented. Overall, Cogni Lift purports to obtain a remarkable mental performance.

Cogni Lift functions by utilizing nine natural and extensively researched compounds. This includes vinpocetine, huperzia serrata, and neuro-specific antitoxins. These ingredients are touted to be effective for delivering a more lucid brain cognition that rejuvenates your brain entirely.

Can this supplement really live up to its promise. Let’s find out below:

Free Trial and Cost

The product is available through a 10-day free trial in which you only need to pay $4.97 for the shipping and handling fees.

After the trial expires, you will be billed for the whole amount, which is $139.97. You will also be enrolled in their autoship program wherein you will keep on receiving a 30-day supply every month. Of course, your credit card will be charged accordingly each month.

In the case that you are not pleased with the supplement within the 30-day period, you can ask for a refund by calling their customer support at 855-511-1614. However, this is less shipping and handling plus a 35% restocking charge.

What’s the Connection between Acetylcholine and Memory?

Cogni Lift’s official site says that a well-proportioned combination of huperzine and vinpocetine can increase the levels of acetylcholine in the brain, which results to quicker processing of information. Is there any truth to this?

Basically, acetylcholine is one of the more than a hundred neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are the ones responsible for sending information from one neuron to another. Without them, there’s no way we can function in any way.

But aging lessens the body’s ability to manufacture neurotransmitters, which makes the brain function less. This causes memory decline, depression, sleeping problems, exhaustion and many others.

But can the components in Cogni Lift actually help produce positive effects that are beneficial for the brain?

How Efficient Are the Components?

Huperzine has been shown to potentially work in terms of memory enhancement and curing some symptoms of Alzheimer’s. This component originates from Chinese club moss.

Vinpocetine, on the other hand, is also considered to be potentially effectual for curing minor memory issues caused by Alzheimer’s. However, Supplement View states:

“Vinpocetine might have a small effect on the decline of thinking skills due to various causes, but most studies have lasted 4 months or less. Most of the studies were published prior to 1990, and results are hard to interpret because they used a variety of terms and criteria for cognitive decline and dementia.”

The suggested dosage of huperzine is 30mcg-200mcg each day, while vinpocetine is 15-30mcg daily. But Cogni Lift does not have a product label on its website, so we’re not sure if the dosage of its ingredients is enough to make any difference.

We’re also not aware if there are only huperzine and vinpocetine in Cogni Lift’s formula or if there are other components we just don’t know about. If these are the only components, most users don’t need to worry about adverse reactions except for a mild stomach discomfort, headaches, anxiety or lightheadedness.

Even though its components have been shown to potentially be effective in improving brain health and performance, especially among people with dementia, these positive effects are likely minor and not as significant as the company makes it appear.

Similar Products

Nootropics have hit the market recently. There must be a demand, because several nutritional companies continue making them. Some of the well-known brands are Brain Storm Elite and Addium, among others. This has somewhat become a trend since many people feel the need to take something to help them with their personal and professional endeavors by having an improved mental performance and brain health.

Customer Reception on Brain Boosters

Here, the average score for such products is 2 stars. The typical criticisms customers have are about steep costs, the ineffectiveness of the products, and inefficient customer support, such as experiencing troubles in discontinuing trials or autoship enrollments.

However, this does not directly mean that you will experience the same with Cogni Lift. It’s just worth mentioning to keep you guarded at all times.

The bottom line is, should you consider Cogni Lift or not?

Final Verdict

preview-full-shutterstock_587768567Its ingredients – vinpocetine and huperzine – may have shown to work in terms of increasing brain health, but the positive effects these components are capable of generating are not as groundbreaking as the company makes it seem. Its steep cost can also be a cause for concern among consumers.

With its price of around $140, the customers can definitely recognize that there are many other brands that are significantly cheaper. Plus, there’s also the fact that it’s only available through free trial. Though not all companies that offer free trials and autoship enrollments are scams, buyers are now more wary of those products or companies that practice such purchasing methods.

Generally though, it’s best to consult your doctor if you’re having problems with your memory or if you detect there’s something wrong with your cognitive abilities.


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