Review of Maximum Clarity

by Peter Franks
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Introducing Maximum Clarity

LNV Health, a company in the US, is recognized for its creation and development of supplements that can help people address their concerns involving their brain, immune system, combating stress, and overall health. With this, a new brain enhancement has been recently introduced in the market, the Maximum Clarity. According to the company, this supplement can boost your memory and concentration capacities, as well as increase your energy. To top it off, the company also claims that this product is guaranteed to work in just four days, unlike other supplements.

Presently accessible through Amazon, Maximum Clarity’s cost is $24.95. If you’re a premium member, your purchases can be shipped for free. If you’re looking for a discount, there’s a promo code at the checkout counter that you’ll have to apply.

The Features

Brain enhancement supplementPROMPT RESULTS – Improved memory and concentration can be felt after days of taking Maximum Clarity. This is unlike other products that take 1-2 months before results can be visible.

CONSIDERED SAFE & NATURAL – Since the components in this supplement are from nature, side effects are unlikely. Plus, the substances used in the supplement contain no filters and only substances of the greatest quality.

SATISFYING RESULT – Maximum Clarity’s manufacturer expresses its certainty of the product’s immediate effects. To support this, a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee is part of the process.

MEMORY FINDER – The efficacy of this supplement enables the brain for a more solid ability for recollection, as well as reversing memory lost of up to 5 years.

GREATER BRAIN CAPACITIES – Maximum Clarity helps in the advancement of your brain by allowing you to have better memory and focus.

Here is the list of the ingredients:

24% (50mg of Ginkgo Biloba extract

125 milligrams of Phosphatidylserine Complex

250mg of hypericine

150mg of L-glutamine hcl

50mg of DMAE Bitartrate

50mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine

100mg of Bacopin 100 mg

2mg of Vinpocetine

How does it function?

Functions of Maximum ClarityMaximum Clarity’s claims for enhanced brain abilities safely are made possible by its natural yet potent and unfiltered ingredients. Firstly, the antioxidants in the product make certain that the hormones promoting cognitive activities in the brain are indeed effectual. Secondly, the Ginkgo Biloba extracts guarantee better mind capacities when absorbed by the brain. Lastly, the Phosphatidylserine Complex makes it less complex for us when learning new things. These are just some of the natural ingredients that make Maximum Clarity highly effectual.


Thanks to its natural and organic components, this brain enhancement product brings nothing but only good results. No jittery feeling, no side effects, nothing

These natural components have gone through studies and tests, proving its efficiency

You can always have your money back in the case you’re not satisfied, as long as it’s within 30 days

Improved cognitive functions can be seen in a short span of time


Efficacy of the supplement is 100% guaranteed. However, some customers have complained about delays in the shipping and the lack of available retailers.

Suggested Use

Suggested dosage for Maximum Clarity is only two capsules a day. Going more than the prescribed amount isn’t recommended. Furthermore, mothers who are breastfeeding and pregnant women cannot take this product. In the case of tampered seal, don’t take the product. Get your doctor’s advice to learn on its proper dosage and use.

How good is it?

Based on the studies and tests that this product has undergone, it’s been determined that Maximum Clarity, in reality, increases brain functions. Since it’s composed of purely natural components, it’s generally safe. Plus, the ingredients in the product have also gone through researches and tests, proving its efficiency in brain enhancement.

Customer Experience

There are no testimonials on Amazon yet, but that’s okay. This can be explained by the freshness of the product in the market, which was introduced recently to provide a greater brain enhancement substitute. However, those who’ve purchased locally reviewed the product positively, giving a 5-rating. Thus, it can be anticipated that more great reviews are coming.

Final Recommendation

Backed by its manufacturer whose solid reputation in the supplement industry cannot be ignored, Maximum Clarity alone is already remarkable courtesy of its efficacy. Its primary aim is to enhance cognitive capacities in terms of memory, focus, and concentration that make learning and thinking a piece of cake. Offering immediate results, Maximum Clarity is the ultimate brain enhancement supplement you must try.

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