Review of Xylestril

by Peter Franks

Getting to Know Xylestril

While Xylestril is considered a weight loss product, it also is capable of bringing out other results, such as nourished skin, boosted libido, reduced PMS, a face clear from acne, and enlarged breasts. These claimed results also point to the fact that Xylestril is primarily designed for women. As for the company involved in the creation of Xylestril, there aren’t details though it’s been made known that they also use the name Curvatim for a product that’s also like Xylestril. These two can be bought online or at e-Bay, which isn’t strange at all since manufacturers really do this in order to avoid being reviewed and evaluated by FTC. Being a weight loss product, it claims it can reduce 8-12 pounds off your weight, though it appears to be not feasible for most women and is generally not good in terms of your health. Despite its website showing a FAQ segment, substantial questions like how the product functions aren’t sufficiently addressed. There are several statements on the site as well, however bad reviews are prevalent with complaints rooting from its ineffectiveness as a weight loss product. The manufacturer also promised of a 100% guarantee, but it wasn’t further discussed in their guidelines, there’s no information on refunds and returns.

Ingredients, General Functions, Guidelines

Ingredients of XylestrilIf you’re one of those customers who prefer comprehensive information and other crucial details about a product before making up your mind, then Xylestril will disappoint. It is because even though the ingredients are listed down on the website, the exact quantity of every ingredient in each pill is not indicated.  Speaking of the list of ingredients, which are entirely from natural sources, these are as follows: dong quai, ginger root, magnolia bark, cinnamon, green yea, soy, and chocolate. Chocolate here is not entirely chocolate, it is actually chocamine. It also generated from cocoa like chocolate, thus the comparable features and benefits, but chocamine does not have sugar and fat. The addition of green tea in the formulation implies of antioxidants, which is nice, but it’s not for weight loss. Given this, many reviewers acknowledged the fact that the components in Xylestril cannot really facilitate the claimed benefits stated earlier. There’s nothing for enhancing sex drive, there’s nothing for promoting breast increase, either, and most importantly, there’s nothing for losing weight. On the other hand, it might be efficient in the treatment of PMS because of dong quai, but that’s it. To begin use, take 1 Xylestril capsule 2-4 times per day, or take 2 capsules 2 times per day. Do not take it within 8 hours from your bedtime. It has to be 8 hours before you go to sleep. This is because it contains caffeine from the Chocamine and green tea.

What to Like about Xylestril

The fact that all components are natural

What Not to Like about Xylestril

Prevalence of bad reviews online

Lack of valuable information like quantity of the components

Absence of clinical studies

Leaving Hoodia Gordonii out of the equation, which is weird because it is a potent component for controlling the appetite

Presence of an identical product labeled with another name

Exaggerated assertions, specifically the breast enlargement claims


Increase sexual desireXylestril’s makers originally set the price to $119.99, but for undisclosed reasons they are now offering the product at only $39.99. It appears to be a huge discount from the original cost, but it also smells like a sales gimmick. Nonetheless, $39.99 is still expensive for a product that doesn’t have so many good reviews and does not even have medical studies to support it.

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